UK’s OZEV Endorsement: Beny OCPP Smart Charging Takes the Helm in Intelligent Charging

9 9 UK's OZEV Endorsement: Beny OCPP Smart Charging Takes the Helm in Intelligent Charging

LONDON, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beny, a frontrunner in sustainable EV chargers, proudly announces the endorsement of its flagship, the Beny OCPP intelligent EV chargers, by the esteemed UK Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). This recognition underscores Beny’s steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability, marking a significant milestone in its journey within the intelligent charging sector.

The Beny OCPP intelligent chargers provide personalized charging experiences through its smart customization solutions. This goes beyond addressing individual needs, creating an intelligent and efficient charging spectrum that resonates with both residential users and commercial clients. This dynamic momentum drives the progress of sustainable transportation.

Among these innovative features, key aspects are:

  • Advanced Connectivity: Beny OCPP EV chargers surpass standard functions, seamlessly linking users via mediums (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G), integrating with the smart grid. Real-time access to status, energy use, and remote control heightens the experience.
  • Bluetooth Integration: With Bluetooth connectivity, the Beny OCPP chargers offer a comprehensive app solution. For those not using OCPP cloud services, Bluetooth mode is available, allowing functions like charge regulation, fault queries, scheduled charging, and historical data retrieval. This robust Bluetooth suite streamlines charge control.
  • Optimized Scheduling: Timed charging plans consider power demand fluctuations. Users can strategically set optimal charging times via the app, aligning with grid dynamics for efficient energy use and grid operation.
  • Smart Load Management: Intelligent power allocation is a core facet. The Beny OCPP EV chargers employ an advanced load management system that monitors and adapts charging power based on grid load. This ensures optimal charging speed while preventing grid overload, preserving stability.
  • Solar Compatibility: As a cornerstone of eco-friendly travel, photovoltaic energy takes center stage. The Beny EV chargers seamlessly integrate with diverse photovoltaic systems, offering exclusive solar charging, advancing green travel. 
  • Enhanced Safety: The Beny OCPP chargers’ fault detection system excels in identifying and isolating neutral line disruptions (PEN faults) during charging. This dynamic intervention mitigates electrical risks, ensuring user and grid safety.

“We’re proud of OZEV’s endorsement for our OCPP intelligent EV chargers. This acknowledgment highlights exceptional performance and our commitment to intelligent charging,” said Tim Wu, Deputy GM at Beny. Simultaneously, we achieve ETSI EN 303 645 and PAS 1878 certifications for the Beny OCPP AC chargers. These underscore our unwavering dedication to security, reinforcing user trust in our charging equipment for an elevated experience.

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rt UK's OZEV Endorsement: Beny OCPP Smart Charging Takes the Helm in Intelligent Charging

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