NIRA Dynamics’ Wheel Safety solutions would annually prevent hundreds of accidents caused by wheel detachments

IstockPhoto Igor Borisenko 1 NIRA Dynamics' Wheel Safety solutions would annually prevent hundreds of accidents caused by wheel detachments

LINKÖPING, Sweden, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Following the Swedish Tire Safety Council’s alarming report on wheel detachment incidents, NIRA Dynamics reaffirms the value of its pioneering Loose Wheel Indicator (LWI) technology. Established in the market since 2017 and currently enhancing over 1 million vehicles, including Audi’s fleet, LWI represents a significant leap in automotive safety, offering a proven, software-based solution to mitigate the risks associated with wheel loss.



The urgency for innovative safety solutions has never been more critical, as the council’s report sheds light on the 30,000 wheels detaching annually in Sweden, contributing to roughly 900 traffic accidents. Leveraging the widespread adoption and success of LWI technology, NIRA Dynamics is at the forefront of addressing this issue through advanced sensor analytics and real-time driver alerts.

By utilizing the vehicle’s existing wheel speed sensors, LWI detects the early signs of wheel loosening. This seamless integration and continuous monitoring system have made LWI a cost-effective and easily deployable safety feature for manufacturers like Audi and Zeekr, demonstrating significant reductions in the incidence of wheel detachment.

Already on the market, preventing accidents

With LWI’s established presence since 2017, its contribution to road safety is tangible. For drivers, LWI provides unmatched confidence and security, dramatically lowering the potential for wheel detachment accidents. For society, a broad application of LWI would pave the way for safer roads and underscore NIRA Dynamics’ commitment to pioneering sustainable safety solutions.

“Since its introduction, LWI has been instrumental in safeguarding over a million drivers, a testament to our vision for a safer automotive future,” affirms Jörg Sturmhoebel, Product Manager Wheel Safety at NIRA Dynamics. “The Swedish Tire Safety Council is doing a great job education the public about tire safety, however, there are cost-efficient technologies that can further minimize the number of wheels lost.”

Future outlook and call to action

Encouraged by the Swedish Tire Safety Council’s findings, NIRA Dynamics continues to innovate in the realm of vehicle safety. The company extends an invitation to automakers and industry stakeholders to explore the benefits of integrating LWI technology, moving closer towards universal road safety through technological excellence. “We truly believe that more car manufacturers could and should benefit from collaborating on tire-related occurrences. The tires and their characteristics are extremely important factors when it comes to traffic safety” says Lisa Åbom, CEO at NIRA Dynamics.

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About NIRA Dynamics: NIRA Dynamics, established 2001 with main office in Linköping/Sweden, is specialized in sensor fusion and vehicle data cloud services. NIRA develops cost-efficient safety and navigation solutions for the global vehicle industry, as well as big data services for the road maintenance industry. Among the customers are Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Volvo, Stellantis, Renault, BYD, SGMW and Geely.

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Loose Wheel Indicator works in seconds and quickly detects if a wheel is loose.


The LWI functionality includes indication of which wheel has a problem, avoiding driver confusion.


Quick indication to drivers is the key to increasing wheel safety.


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rt NIRA Dynamics' Wheel Safety solutions would annually prevent hundreds of accidents caused by wheel detachments

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