FICG PRIME Plants Deep In Automotive Business

41 6 FICG PRIME Plants Deep In Automotive Business

TAIPEI, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a strategic move to foster diversified growth and seize new business opportunities, PRIME, a subsidiary of FIC Global (3701.TW), has taken a bold step in the Automotive industry. The company recently unveiled a fresh brand image and implemented an independent strategic approach to establish its presence in this sector.

With a remarkable track record of 25 years in high-precision electronic design manufacturing, PRIME brings its expertise in AI Computing, Smart City, and Automotive Electronic Design and Satellite Communication Device to the forefront, making them standout indicators within the FICG Group.

As part of the FICG Group, PRIME demonstrates remarkable versatility and unique capabilities in EMS and DMS industries. By working with FIC, an affiliate company of FICG, PRIME is able to vertically integrate various aspects of the business and address the rigorous demands of future markets and high-tech design manufacturing industries with flexibility and agility.

PRIME is known for its expertise in COB semiconductor packaging and high-precision electronic design manufacturing capabilities. Its focus lies in providing forward-looking, technology-driven, and comprehensive automated electronic design manufacturing services, including its own branding business in automotive electronics, specifically AR HUD.

Mr. Leo Chien, Chairman of FICG (3701.TW), expressed his anticipation and excitement for PRIME’s new brand image and business transformation. He believes this approach will not only contribute to a better societal environment but also cater to the stringent demands of global customers. Furthermore, the company plans to extend its business into the domain of automotive smart cockpit electronics design manufacturing, investing in an optical engine (PGU) factory in Guangzhou, China, to meet the increasing demand for AR HUD and ADD, the 360-degree in-car panoramic display.

Over the past 25 years, PRIME has actively engaged in high-precision optical transceivers, maritime electronics, industrial electronics, and medical electronics manufacturing. Notably, the company has secured the most rigorous quality certification in the aerospace electronics industry, signifying its expansion into the aerospace technology sector.

To reaffirm its commitment to facing the digital era and meeting the diverse demands of brand merchants, PRIME introduced its new trademark design, “Pixel Puzzle.” Symbolizing its role as a missing piece in the puzzle game, PRIME completes the most significant part of the design manufacturing service for global customers’ electronic products.

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