Workday Turns Up the Heat in the Next Wave of its Global Rock Star Campaign with Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker, and Billy Idol

43 Workday Turns Up the Heat in the Next Wave of its Global Rock Star Campaign with Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker, and Billy Idol

Rockers Express Disbelief Over Workday and the Corporate World Continuing to Call Each Other “Rock Stars”

PLEASANTON, Calif., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ: WDAY) is bringing rock back to the workplace with a clever new twist on the company’s global campaign featuring iconic rock stars Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker, and Billy Idol. While the renowned artists tour through the office demanding to take their hard-earned titles back, this time the corporate world begins to challenge them on who the real “rock stars of business” are. This message comes through loud and clear in two new TV commercials, titled “We’re All Rock Stars,” and “Rock Responsibly,” debuting at The Masters from April 8-14 and reaching global audiences in six key markets – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the U.S.

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With a touch of humor, the commercials depict the difference between true “rock stars” and office worker “wannabes,” with Stefani pointing out she is a multi-platinum artist, Barker demonstrating his impressive talent on the drums, and Idol showing us that real rockers wear distressed black leather, metallic jackets, and studded accessories.

Superstar Gwen Stefani opens the “We’re All Rock Stars” commercial by reminding viewers, “I’ve written tons of music and have worked hard to achieve many accolades in the music industry – including platinum records.” Stefani is irked by the frequent “misuse” of the term rock star, especially as it pertains to overachievers in the workplace.

Punk rock icon Billy Idol acknowledges that Workday develops AI and ML differently than any other enterprise software company in the world, but says “using responsible AI doesn’t make you a rock star,” adding “why do you want to be ‘responsible’ anyway?”

Legendary drummer Travis Barker is embarrassed by office workers who think they can be rock stars. “The music industry produces the only real rock stars – whether it’s rock, rap, or pop – those are the true rock stars of today,” says Barker. “It’s crazy that people who work in tech and other office settings think they can be rock stars too.”

Who’s the Real “Rock Star?”

While Workday supports these Rock & Roll icons in vocalizing their perspectives, the company respectfully disagrees with the fact that corporate rock stars aren’t real rock stars. Workday provides cutting edge tools built with AI at the core to help businesses around the world manage their people and money and move forever forward.

“While these rock icons might not consider us to be rock stars in the traditional sense, our customers around the world are the true rock stars of business and we want to celebrate that,” said Emma Chalwin, chief marketing officer, Workday. “We’re bringing that to life in the next wave of this multi-channel campaign with amazing talent, humor, and a bold, new edge aligned with what everyone loves about the Workday brand. We’re excited to show the world how Workday rocks the future of work.”

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In Workday’s latest TV commercial, Billy Idol shows us that it takes more than data-driven insights to call yourself a “rock star.” Courtesy: Workday




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rt Workday Turns Up the Heat in the Next Wave of its Global Rock Star Campaign with Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker, and Billy Idol

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