Bridging Languages and Abilities: Ćirilica Studio’s Neuro Dubbing Service Transforms the Media Landscape

Bridging Languages and Abilities: Ćirilica Studio's Neuro Dubbing Service Transforms the Media Landscape

Empowering a New Era of Global Content Engagement

BELGRADE, Serbia, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ćirilica Studio, a rising star in the realm of audio-visual localization, has introduced a new type of service – NeuroDubbing – which involves voicing content through speech synthesis.

NeuroDubbing Technology

The service was developed in partnership with the Austrian hi-tech startup VOXQUBE. This cutting-edge process entails the synthesis of speech to create unique, branded voices, enabling clients to engage with their audience and convey their values on a global scale. The collaborative expertise of experienced sound engineers, linguists, engineers, and sound designers enables content to be realized using natural-sounding audio voices, both rich in intonation and indistinguishable from human speech.

NeuroDubbing is successfully applied in dubbing documentaries, computer games, corporate videos, and creating audio descriptions in 25 languages.

Impact on the Media Industry

The new service from Ćirilica Studio offers significant opportunities for the media industry. Firstly, it promotes the creation of a more inclusive environment for individuals with limited capabilities. The process of generating audio descriptions becomes faster and more cost-effective, contributing to a reduction in digital barriers. Secondly, it enhances productivity and reduces the costs of voicing audiovisual content by up to 40%. Thirdly, the wide range of supported languages opens up new opportunities for filmmakers, distributors, and companies to expand their global audience.

Kirill Lysko, the CEO of Ćirilica Studio, shared his perspective: “Our studio was founded with a clear vision – to become a hub of localization where creativity, innovation, and expertise take center stage. We understand the challenges of our industry, and the application of speech synthesis technologies is a solution to many of them. Our mission is to overcome language barriers and make engaging content accessible to everyone.”

NeuroDubbing from Ćirilica Studio represents a revolutionary step in the field of audio content localization, making it more accessible, cost-effective, and inclusive. It is expected to have a significant impact on the media industry, providing new opportunities for content creators and enriching the audience’s viewing experience worldwide.

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About Ćirilica Studio: Ćirilica Studio is a leading Eastern European provider of audio-visual content localization. With advanced technology and a team of experts, the studio’s dedication to exceptional services resonates globally. Trusted by industry leaders, fueled by a passion for engaging content, Ćirilica Studio leads the evolution of global entertainment across all languages and cultures.


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rt Bridging Languages and Abilities: Ćirilica Studio's Neuro Dubbing Service Transforms the Media Landscape

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