The startup LETSTOP rewards crypto to drivers for every minute they don’t use their phone

Crypto02 AlphaBaby The startup LETSTOP rewards crypto to drivers for every minute they don't use their phone

LETSTOP app is available for download and seeks to make the behavior of drivers on the road safer • You can earn crypto-currencies worth about 3 dollars for every hour of safe driving

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Every year about 1,350,000 people lose their lives in traffic accidents, with 9% of the cases attributed to phone use while driving. While governments around the world take punitive measures, the startup LETSTOP chose an innovative approach of rewarding responsible driving without distractions.

Using advanced technology, the app tracks phone usage while driving and gives users credits for every minute of driving without touching the device. The credits accumulated in the application can be redeemed in the virtual store to purchase vouchers for various businesses. Additionally, they can be converted into the designated cryptocurrency, which can be traded on crypto exchanges. This is how LETSTOP bridges the traditional world with the technological innovation of blockchain.

The app is available for download on Apple and Android devices and users can start earning money. In the last two months, the application reached over 50,000 users who drove a total of 3 million kilometers of safe driving. The calculation of the rewards is an automatic process that is carried out by a specially developed algorithm, taking into account factors such as the user’s level in the application, their monthly accumulated balance in the application and the trip score. The company is supported by experts in the automotive, crypto and artificial intelligence fields. The company aims to create a global community that works to make the roads safer and reduce the alarming statistics of traffic accidents caused by using the phone while driving.

Behind LETSTOP stand Dor Levy and Almog Nissan. The idea to establish the company came after Almog had a serious car accident in which a driver crossing a red light collided with him. “I experienced firsthand the devastating consequences of distracted driving,” says Almog, co-founder of LETSTOP. “We are not just an app, but an enterprise that aims to create a safer driving culture. We want to reward positive behavior and encourage users to drive responsibly.” CEO Dor Levy added: “By promoting safe and conscious driving, we aim to reduce the risks on the roads and contribute to the security and peace of the public”.

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rt The startup LETSTOP rewards crypto to drivers for every minute they don't use their phone

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