Stronghold Digital Mining Announces Exchange Agreement to Extinguish Convertible Notes and Strengthen Balance Sheet

Crypto59 ilolab Stronghold Digital Mining Announces Exchange Agreement to Extinguish Convertible Notes and Strengthen Balance Sheet

NEW YORK, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Stronghold Digital Mining, Inc.

(NASDAQ: SDIG) (“Stronghold”, or the “Company”)

announced that it has entered into an exchange agreement (the “Exchange Agreement”) with the holders (the “Noteholders”) of the Company’s Amended and Restated 10% Notes (the “Notes”), whereby all of the approximately $17.9 million of outstanding principal amount of debt and interest, which would accrue through maturity under the Notes, will be extinguished in exchange for shares of a new series of convertible preferred stock (the “Series C Preferred Stock”) with face value of approximately $23.1 million. The Series C Preferred Stock will be convertible into shares of the Company’s Class A common stock, or pre-funded warrants that may be exercised for shares of Class A common stock, at a conversion price of $0.40 per share. Assuming the conversion of all Series C Preferred Stock anticipated to be issued, approximately 57.8 million shares of Class A common stock would be issued, which would represent approximately 46% of the fully diluted shares outstanding pro forma for such conversion. The Series C Preferred Stock will not bear a preferred dividend and will not require cash payments related to amortization, coupon payments, or other payments.

Pursuant to the Exchange Agreement, the closing of the exchange transaction is to be held as soon as practicable following the satisfaction or waiver, as applicable, of the conditions in the Exchange Agreement, but in no event later than February 20, 2023 (the “Closing”). The Closing is subject to various customary conditions, including stockholder approval and Nasdaq approval.

“We are pleased to announce another deleveraging transaction that is expected to materially reduce our debt, strengthen our balance sheet, and improve our liquidity position,” said Greg Beard, co-chairman and chief executive officer of Stronghold. “We acknowledge the significant number of shares of common stock that could be issued as a result of the Exchange Agreement, but we believe this is necessary to preserve cash, reduce our financial obligations, and better position the Company to survive a potentially prolonged crypto market downturn. Following the Closing of the Exchange Agreement, which is currently expected to occur in February 2023, the Company expects to have less than $55 million in total principal amount of debt outstanding. We believe that the transaction will also create comprehensive equity alignment among existing Stronghold shareholders and the Noteholders, which is critical in this time of stress on the industry.”

As of December 31, 2022, Stronghold had approximately $12.4 million of unrestricted cash on hand and approximately 6 Bitcoin.

About Stronghold Digital Mining, Inc.

Stronghold is a vertically integrated Bitcoin mining company with an emphasis on environmentally beneficial operations. Stronghold houses its miners at its wholly owned and operated Scrubgrass Plant and Panther Creek Plant, both of which are low-cost, environmentally beneficial coal refuse power generation facilities in Pennsylvania.

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