Strengthening the collaboration model with IPs

Crypto45 merznatalia Strengthening the collaboration model with IPs

Expanding RED°xIP Collaboration NFTs

First step: NFT give-away exclusive to the RED TOKEN community

TOKYO, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TEG, INC. (TEG. Corporate headquarters: Minato-ward, Tokyo; president and CEO: Yasuo Hara) has a diversified business in the esports/entertainment field, including RED° TOKYO TOWER, based in Tokyo Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in Japan. TEG opened the largest-scale esports park in Japan, “RED° TOKYO TOWER,” in April 2022 and has developed and operated it under the concept of providing “Next Generation Entertainment Experiences”.

This time, TEG will expand its collaboration with IPs (Intellectual Properties) conducted at RED° TOKYO TOWER. In addition to collaborations using goods, food and beverages, and entertainment, the company will also begin collaborations using digital items such as NFTs.

Advancing the RED°x IP Collaboration Model with NFT

At RED°, TEG has been offering value to domestic and international fans through IP collaborations in the RED° TOKYO TOWER space, utilizing entertainment content, restaurants, and cutting-edge facilities including XR.

As part of this ongoing effort, TEG will collaborate with IPs using NFT digital items. By converting digital items into NFTs, not only will the NFTs be able to provide new values, but the NFTs will serve as the connection between fans and IPs, which enable offering values customized for each fan. TEG is also considering utilizing NFTs for event tickets and membership proofs.


First Step to Take Place in RED TOKEN Community Only

As the first step of this initiative, TEG will be organizing an IP collaboration NFT give-away exclusive to the RED TOKEN community members, which is highly compatible with NFTs. The give-away will take place sometime after April 2023. The details will be announced in the RED TOKEN SNS accounts (discord, twitter), so please check out the SNS.

Starting with this first step, we will be rolling out further NFT collaborations with other IPs.


RED° TOKEN is a “next generation entertainment currency” utilizing blockchain technology, which is used in RED° TOKYO TOWER and the RED° brand services such as the metaverse. TEG aims to build RED TOKEN ECONOMY that realizes Web3 using RED° TOKEN. 


About RED°

Under the slogan of ” Reimagining Entertainment for the Next Generation”, RED° will combine various cultures such as esports and entertainment with Japan’s unique technology and culture to present it to the world as “NEXT JAPAN” content. The project has conducted the development of facilities and events in various locations in Japan, mainly focusing on the facilities in the Tokyo Tower. The project aims to create a “RED° economic zone” in the entertainment industry especially focusing on esports by developing its token economy.



RED° TOKYO TOWER, the largest esports park in Japan, was opened in April 2022 inside of the Iconic Tokyo Tower and serves as the main platform for the “RED°” brand.

RED° TOKYO TOWER creates “another dimension of entertainment experience”, offering the latest game titles, fun gaming competitions and thrilling events in a stadium equipped with the world’s most advanced XR technology. The goal is to become the base from which esports evolves into a national culture.

Official website:


About TEG,Inc.

With the mission of creating the RED° economy where the world will be excited about Japan, TEG is striving to become a company that creates culture by transforming the diverse culture of Japan and making the next generation of entertainment available to the world. Based in Tokyo Tower, the icon of Tokyo, TEG has been developing offline facilities and digital platforms under the brand-name “RED°.” The company was named Tokyo Esports Gate (TEG) with hopes of serving as a gate that delivers diverse experiences and expands users’ lifestyles while creating crossover between Japan and the world.  

Company Profile (TEG, INC.)

Company Name: TEG, INC. (TEG, INC.)

President and CEO: Yasuo Hara

Location: 4th Fl., Tokyo Tower, 4-2-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ward, Tokyo

Established: December 8, 2020

Capital: 439.5 million yen (including capital reserves)

Business: Physical business, digital business, entertainment and consulting

Official Website:

Media Contacts

TEG, INC. PR Office (in W TOKYO INC. ) Kayo Nozawa 

Tel: +81 (0)3-6419-7183 / Fax 03-6419-7776 / E-Mail : [email protected]

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