Byte Federal Expands Global Presence with the Launch of Byte Federal Australia

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VENICE, Fla., Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Byte Federal Inc. is delighted to announce the expansion of its global footprint with the launch of Byte Federal Australia. Renowned for its innovative solutions bridging the gap between traditional finance and the digital frontier, Byte Federal Inc. is eager to introduce its cryptocurrency services to the vibrant market of Australia. The establishment of Byte Federal Australia marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to democratizing access to digital assets.


Global reach meets fintech excellence as Byte Federal Inc. expands to Australia.

“Our mission has always been to connect individuals to the broader digital financial system,” expressed CTO Lennart Lopin. “The launch of Byte Federal Australia is a testament to our dedication in fostering global cryptocurrency accessibility. Australia’s dynamic market presents a prime opportunity for us to introduce our cutting-edge solutions.”

Byte Federal Australia will unveil a suite of services, including Bitcoin ATMs, ByteConnect – a cryptocurrency point-of-sale system, and ByteWallet – a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, providing Australians with a convenient and user-friendly way to enter the cryptocurrency space. Byte Federal empowers individuals by integrating digital assets seamlessly into their everyday lives.

“As we launch  Byte Federal Australia, we are contributing to the evolution of financial transactions in the region,” shared Lennart Lopin, CTO. “Our goal is to redefine how people perceive and interact with cryptocurrencies, making them a seamless part of everyday transactions.”

About Byte Federal

Byte Federal has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry since 2016, breaking barriers and introducing innovative solutions to empower individuals in the digital age. Recognized as an INC 5000 fastest-growing company in 2022, Byte Federal makes cryptocurrencies accessible. Learn more at

Byte Federal Australia’s Partnership with Ultra Petroleum

Byte Federal Australia is also delighted to announce its partnership with Ultra Petroleum, offering secure and convenient cryptocurrency services. Customers can now visit Ultra Petroleum stations to access Byte Federal’s Smart Crypto Kiosks, where purchasing digital assets like Bitcoin is easy and accessible.

“As we join forces with Ultra Petroleum, we are taking a significant step in providing Australians with secure and accessible cryptocurrency services,” said Byte Federal AUS CEO Alek Trpkoski. “Our Smart Crypto Kiosks at Ultra Petroleum stations will empower customers to seamlessly engage with the digital asset economy, reinforcing our commitment to convenience and security.”

Special acknowledgment also to the core Byte Federal Australia team, Lou Stojanovski (Head Legal Counsel), Paul Ringrose (CFO Byte Federal Australia), Ace Gorgievski (Head of Business Development) and Alek Trpkoski (CEO), our US partners Mark W. Paolillo (Chairman &; CFO Byte Federal US), Lee Hansen (CEO), Lennart Lopin (CTO), as well as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Ivan Vantagiato.

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Byte Federal Inc. is excited about Byte Federal Australia’s launch and partnership with Ultra Petroleum, reinforcing our commitment to digital asset accessibility.

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rt Byte Federal Expands Global Presence with the Launch of Byte Federal Australia

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