Why Do Press Releases Fail? And How to Get Better Results

Why Do Press Releases Fail

Why Do Press Releases Fail?

The best press releases are well-written and sent to a large but focused audience. Use a press release distribution service, such as PressReach, that offers expert editing and multi-layer targeting to make sure your press release is in good form and gets to the right people. A reputable service can help insulate you from some of the points mentioned below.

When trying to engage with the global media, most marketing newbies go through a major learning curve: Even the most seasoned CMOs and communication directors have fallen for these mishaps.

You’ve been informed by standard newswire sites that 5 million readers are just one click away from reading your press release and that journalists will flock to your news. It seemed too good to be true, thanks to industry-created terms like “World Media Directory,” “Mobile News App,” “Global Newswires,” “Earned Media Coverage,” “Gartner reports,” “Common Cloud Integration,” and all-powerful “distribution report.”

You ordered a press release, and you get a fancy report with a ton of media names where your story appeared, but no additional information. When you looked into it more, you found that a lot of those media names did not feature your news.

You closely monitored your analytics and diligently searched Google, only to discover that, aside from all the “duplicated by newswire” results that were included in the report, less than 15 people were directed to your website in a month and that no other journalist bothered to write a different version of the news. That’s because it wasn’t sent to individual journalists. Instead, it was just copied via an RSS feed and posted on many other websites.

This is not a new story; every year, it affects about 140,000 enterprises. This will be known to anyone who tries to use sloppy methods that look like elegant reports to build an online retail empire that reaches every continent. Duplicating information over and over without adding original editorial content and flooding the internet with duplicate NO-Follow anchor texts just causes SEO problems that will cost money to fix in the future.

The biggest loss is time; if you use a low-quality press release agency, you might only lose $50. But the most expensive time is when your brand does worse than the competition while you wait for results that never come. If you’re ready, let’s look candidly at the reasons why press releases fail and how to improve their chances of success.

5 Reasons That Press Releases Fail

There Was No Editorial News Released

Google trusts genuine profiles. People will not believe your content and the SEO value will be zero if it displays the name of a newswire on Google News instead of an actual journalist profile. A “press release” falls short of delivering material that was created by objective experts, which is what Google and readers trust. For this reason, we combine standard press release creation and dissemination with editorial news. Unfortunately, no one else in the sector is currently taking this action.

Using Content-Duplicating Newswires and Presswires

In the “distribution” report you got, there are a lot of names, such as FOX34, WBOC, and others. None of them were involved in the editorial process. As a result of the duplication, Google will only take into account the original version that was published first. It can only be used by a $100 startup to include a little image that reads, “As Seen In The Media.” Over the coming months, your analytics will demonstrate that nothing else resulted from it.

Unrealistic Budgetary Expectations

Insufficient budgeting will guarantee that your story stays the best-kept secret. Who would have believed that e-commerce empires and multi-million dollar businesses could be founded on a single $50 press release that would get the attention of reputable writers and get them featured in prestigious publications? You can find press release bundles that accurately depict the situation, which is that much more work is needed to gain traction.

SEO Formula Was Not Used

Excellent content + trending topics + competitor analysis = smart public relations. At least one of your models should focus on your most important competitors and other new ways to market your business. Writing one press release that is exclusively about your company and ignores the larger industry will not be enough to move the mountain.

Waiting on God While Submitting One Single Release

Media diversity + persistence = dominance. Please remember this formula, as PR and SEO need to be kept up in order to have enough repetition in newsfeeds and a wide range of interesting stories. For search engine optimization, it’s important to use a platform that gives you the added benefit of different link profiles.

Follow These 4 Steps To Get Better Results

Do you think that taking just one action will have a significant impact on your results? This is not true. To take advantage of the many marketing opportunities that the highly developed global digital landscape offers, you need to do a few things. We’ll list a few things you can do that can help you dominate the market and get a great return on your investment: 

First, learn how to secure weekly unique stories about your company from different news sources and websites. They will start sending more high-converting visitors to your site through referral links, and your SEO link profile will quickly improve.

Second, you will now have access to YOUR OWN journalist profile, which will let you keep adding as many news updates as you want to Google News at a much lower cost. As a result, you command the headlines.

Third, you can work toward your ultimate goal. Once your company is often in the news, carefully choose a number of trade publications and other niche websites that accept editorials and guest articles. You now have access to more than 100 such chances.

Lastly, it’s important to have good content on your site now that your domain authority is going up. Press Reach has a team of researchers and writers here who will work nonstop to create content that is better than anything else out there.


As a company with access that connects outlets with media owners and audiences on a global scale, we have your back. Transparency is crucial in our industry. Getting distracted by $50 and $99 offers that try to pass as real journalism could delay the time it takes for your brand to finally earn a competitive status in the market.

By following the instructions above, your path to success will see fresh results. It won’t happen immediately, but the sooner you start down the proper route, the sooner you’ll achieve the goal you had in mind for your company—namely, being visible in the news and in search results that appeal to the people you want to reach. 

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