How to Use Content Marketing For Press Release

How to Use Content Marketing

How to Use Content Marketing

The purpose of a press release is to spread the news to the media in the hopes that it would inspire coverage in the form of an article. Knowing how to use contenting marketing in spreading your news goes a long way for your articles. While news releases still have some use for that, they serve a far broader role nowadays. Using the vast resources of the Internet, even the most basic press release can do more than just notify and educate; it can also significantly increase one’s marketing reach.

Distribution websites PressReach and PRWeb can help a press release gain maximum exposure. They’ll have some of the greatest advertising they could hope for a few hundred bucks.

Here Are Some Best Practices On How to Use Content Marketing

Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization

Press releases are now sent digitally much more than printed, so posting one on your own site and peppering it with your significant keywords is a great way to boost your website’s SEO ranking. Publishing your press release by a PR firm provides off-site SEO benefits through keyword exposure on authoritative news websites. Including clickable anchor text in the material is a sure way to attract more visitors to your site.

Increase Content Variety

Everywhere we look, we’re told that diversifying your content can boost your site’s authority in search engines and lead to a better user experience overall. Along with films, podcasts, white papers, blogs, infographics, and social media, press releases are another format to bolster your content arsenal. Make sure your “News” or “Press Releases” aren’t buried under a mountain of other information by giving them their own location on your site.

Educate Your Audience

Readers are more likely to believe news articles than adverts. Despite your best efforts to establish credibility, your material will likely be seen as promotional. However, a press release is trusted since false statements in such a public forum would be disastrous for any firm. For this reason, a press release is an excellent tool to use when you need to inform your audience via a credible channel.

Increase Traffic on Your Website

Because of the sheer volume of locations, your press release will be published, and traffic will be generated regardless of the kind of material you use to promote your site. It’s a good idea to use download links to get people to sign up for your service so you can collect their contact details. PR Newswire reports that using multimedia with press releases can improve website visits by as much as 77%.

Make a Document Available to the Public

Using a news provider to disseminate your press release will result in the release’s contents becoming part of the public record. For one, it stays on the news service’s site for a while, and search engines give such sites a lot of weight. This means that even after it has been buried by fresh material on your site, it may continue to attract readers to the news service’s site. Suppose you submit the version with your significant keywords to a news website. In that case, it will likely appear on the top page of search results whenever someone does a search using those terms.

Earn Attention

The initial intent of press releases to pique the media’s curiosity is still practical. It’s a time-honored approach to spreading the word about your organization, service, or product. You can’t be sure they’ll use it, but it’s your best shot at getting their attention for your company. A journalist may reach out to you to interview you for a story if they find your press release interesting. In addition, during quiet news days, media outlets frequently take a well-written press release and publish it as is. You’ll get a ton of free exposure from this, apart from the distribution costs associated with the news service.

Establish a Position of Influence

Releasing press releases in which you are cited (and every release should have a remark) helps you establish credibility as an authority in your sector. Doing so may strengthen your position as a possible industry leader, increasing the likelihood that clients will come to you rather than your competitors. Promoting your brand and your content when you post it on social media.

As a whole, the press release is still relevant and should be used. How you put it to use makes all the difference.

That’s quite a list of how to use content marketing and the benefits your company would get if it included news releases in its regular content marketing strategy.


  • Even though Google devalues links that originate through press release syndication, search engines will still crawl a well-optimized news release, making it accessible to consumers and journalists.
  • You may disseminate your information to a broader audience by combining video, audio, text, logos, photographs, and relevant documents with multimedia news releases.
  • Distributing an electronic press release through internet syndication is faster and more effective than contacting industry publications.
  • A press release may spread the word more cheaply than other forms of promotion.
  • You may increase your online releases’ visibility and longevity by including social media sharing links.


  • It may be challenging to find the time and energy to compile a timely news schedule, and hiring outside writers who can provide a unique perspective on current events may be costly.
  • It’s difficult to determine the value of a press release; even if it attracts many new visitors, it may not translate into sales.
  • Press releases are less expensive than traditional forms of promotion. However, they may still be costly when you include the time and money spent on them.
  • Press releases won’t help you reach your audience if you don’t also use other channels to get the word out, such as social media, bloggers, traditional media, and industry groups.
  • There is a lot of competition for distribution. Therefore the success of your release is not certain.

Methods for Effective Content Marketing Using News Releases

  • Create a title that stands out, is relevant, and emphasizes your keywords.
  • In other words, make sure the first few seconds are interesting.
  • Communicate with the average reader. Try to avoid hyperbole, jargon, and repeated brand name use when writing.
  • If the release has to be trimmed after the second paragraph, ensure that it may still be used verbatim.
  • Limit your paragraphs to 30 words or less and your essay to no more than 650.
  • Carefully proofread your press release for spelling and grammar errors. Any mistakes in spelling or grammar will hurt your credibility and cause your news to be ignored.
  • The news release is not the place to experiment with fonts, colors, or other text properties. You’ll look like a complete newbie.
  • Make sure to include any background-information links that are relevant. Help those who work in the media and others who read the news get more information quickly and easily.
  • Facilitate sharing by including all of your various social media platforms.
  • Only newsworthy press releases, please!

Using press releases is a fantastic example of how to use content marketing in an inbound marketing strategy. Get attention and exposure without having to depend on a media list that is continuously being updated. Your press release needs just one of the thousands of outlets available today to create an impact.

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