Top 13 Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2022

Boosting your business visibility can be as easy as writing and distributing a press release. But it can be challenging to choose which press release distribution service is best for you and your organization when so many options are available. 

It’s been stated that change is the only constant in life. While that sentiment rings especially true in our ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s also a mantra that applies to the world of public relations and press release distribution. 

It’s crucial to take stock of the latest changes in this field and assess which distribution services are best poised to help your business succeed. Here are 13 of the best distributors to consider as you plan your PR strategy for the year 2022.

  • PressReach

PressReach doesn’t just distribute your press release to media outlets but also helps out with writing. The company will help you write and optimize your content for search engines. Your target journalist will more likely see your press release because of their SEO integration. 

PressReach promises SEO-friendly press releases that are easy to find. You can use the platform to track how often your release is viewed and shared. You’ll also get a complete report of where your release was distributed. It offers different distribution packages based on the number of words in your release and where you want it distributed. The company also offers press release syndication and amplification services. It is an excellent option for businesses that want to ensure their press releases are seen by their target audiences.

  • EIN Presswire 

EIN Presswire is one of the leading press release distribution services with an international reach. The company is part of the EIN Newsgroup, a global news monitoring service with thousands of subscribers and dozens of partner sites. EIN Presswire offers a variety of affordable plans for distributing your press release, starting at just $49.95 for a single release.

Your press release will be indexed by all major search engines and promoted by EIN Presswire’s partner sites. In addition to the $49.95 for a single release, they also offer a $399 Pro+ package that caters to ten press release distribution. This option also includes increased exposure through social media, the EIN subscriber database, and 30 TV and radio stations. The Pro+ package also allows you to have three images per post.

  • Brandpush 

Brandpush is an Estonian-based company that has quickly become one of the top. The company was established in 2014 and provides content distribution to a worldwide network. Brandpush will help you improve your brand visibility and SEO by publishing your news on their network. This will also earn customer trust and increase sales. 

The company offers a $195 plan for press release distribution to major sites it has on affiliates like CBS, Fox, NBC, USA Today, and Google News. Brandpush also provides detailed reports for all live links. The reports show how much traffic your release is getting and whether other news outlets have picked it up. Payment plans like the $229 and $259 per release are available for those who need an upgraded option. These upgraded versions include features like a press release written by experienced writers on the team. 

  • eReleases 

eReleases has several media outlets, and it’s a fantastic company for small businesses. It is one of the leading distribution services worldwide. They have over 20 years of industry experience and a vast network of marketing channels. The company offers three service packages: Buzz Builder, Newsmaker, and PR Pro. 

The distribution of one press release costs $299 and includes a limited number of media outlets. The company focuses mainly on helping small businesses, so its plans and pricing reflect that. The $299 plan will help you get your press release in front of journalists, industries, and marketing channels. If you’re interested in a larger audience, their $599 plan will help promote your release to a global audience.

  • Sitetrail 

Sitetrail is a 2010 startup in the digital PR environment. It started as an eCommerce warehousing and shipping platform. Sitetrail specializes in news solutions, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, and web construction. Sitetrail offers fast turnaround times, no-contract services, and unmatched media contacts. The Starter PR package includes a 700-word press release and SEO-optimized news editorial. This package supports two photos and two permanent do-follow links to your website. 

Sitetrail says Google News, Bing News, Global Newsdesk partners, and more will index your article. Weekly Google News Distribution is for people who want to be seen in over 200 news outlets. Two Google News indexed items cost $895, while five carefully written news stories cost $4,950. The most expensive option includes expedited monthly SEO, GoogleNews, and digital PR dissemination for $6,000 a month. 

  • Chain wire 

Chainwire focuses on promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on crypto news sites. Its media ties are excellent. It syndicates press releases to Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Benzinga, and more. Examples of its blockchain and crypto news outlets include, Coinspeaker, BeInCrypto, CryptoSlate, Crypto Briefing, CryptoPotato, The Daily Hodl, and Blockonomi. 

Chainwire’s crypto PR team can edit, translate, and SEO-optimize your press release in addition to guaranteeing publication in major crypto media outlets. This service ensures 100% coverage, same-day distribution, and outstanding customer assistance. Chainwire offers three distribution options, depending on how many outlets you want to reach: The $1,399 Lite plan distributes press releases on eight crypto news sites. Standard costs $2,499 for 16 magazines. The Premium plan publishes your press release on Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, and Benzinga for $6,499. 

  • Linking News 

Linking News has a massive network of over 300,000 publications, 800,000 journalists, and 80 million social media influencers. You can learn about the application process by discovering where your release will be listed and more. Some of the most remarkable press release businesses put their names in releases. During application, you can choose a white label. 

You get a list of five available plans, costs, and a sense of where your press release might end up. You choose your package afterward in the order form. Small businesses interested in press release distribution may choose the $159 basic package. The payment covers one story, which will reach over 100 websites, including ABC, CBC, NBC, and Fox. The $669 Silver and $1580 Gold plans work with Yahoo Finance sites in Australia and Germany. Gold sends press releases to international sites like Asahi in Japan. 

  • NewswireJet 

NewswireJet is a new company that gained popularity with lucrative deals and inexpensive prices. It provides a visual portrayal for those unfamiliar with PR release services. Specify if you want a one-time purchase or monthly membership for NewswireJet. One news service costs $59. This pricing guarantees more than 250 PR placements on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and hundreds of media portals. 

You’ll get a detailed report with live links when you use Newswirejet. For $149, NewswireJet gives you 420 placements and skilled PR writing. You may assume this choice is for PR newbies, but professional text can be quite powerful and worth the money, even if you already have text ideas. Two monthly membership tiers offer two or four press releases for $110 and $200. The only difference is volume. 

  • PR Newswire 

PR Newswire is a top press release delivery service for SMEs. The company has the most major news distribution network. This company enables you to target by industry, topic, and location. State & Local distribution plan shares news to 1,000 media outlets and websites. This plan limits you to one state. The regional & Top Markets are excellent for broader targeting. This plan allows delivery to 13 states. The national distribution plan is PR Newswire’s full news release service. This plan sends your press release to 4,500 newspapers, journals, websites, portals, TV networks, and other outlets. 

Each PR Newswire press release plan has 400 words and no multimedia. Images, video, and audio cost $325 more. The distributor charges a $195 yearly membership fee regardless of the payment choice. A basic package with membership and one press release without multimedia is $545. PR Newswire for Journalists has 40,000 monthly active users. This gateway lets you send the news to industry-specific journalists. You also get a list of websites that published your press release. 

  • PRWeb 

Cision manages PRWeb. One press release at PRWeb costs $99/ while the final pricing includes editing services and PRWeb storage. Their basic plan covers Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The supplier offers an advanced plan for established businesses. 

PRWeb’s advanced plan sends your press release to major search engines, media sources, and specialized industry outlets. This approach includes PRWeb journalists and bloggers. When reviewing press release delivery firms, we emphasized turnaround speed. PRWeb scores well: Your story is published in 24 to 48 hours. PRWeb’s Web Influence and Web Power programs spread the word quickly. 

  • 24-7 Press Release Newswire

Newswire is one of the most renowned press release services due to its 15 years of experience. It has a large network of journalists, media outlets, and 24/7 newsfeed subscribers. Simple Post costs just $19 for each release. With $19, you may upload a press release on the company’s webpage with a single image. The site has more than 100,000 registered visitors, and your press release stays on the site until you remove it. For conventional news release dissemination, use Visibility Boost. 

The $49 plan guarantees 50+ premium site positions. You can add up to four photos and target five industries. This is an excellent one-time price for smaller companies testing the service. Two days is good for the price. The company also provides three programs ranging from $89 to $389 per release. According to the website and online evaluations, the best option is the $189-per-report Integrated Media PRO plan. Your release is distributed to the AP and the company’s database of 3,000 newspapers and 1,500 magazines. You can see where your message will be distributed on the website. No matter the press release package you choose, you’ll get a complete report and access to statistics.

  • Newswire 

Newswire has 10 years of experience serving PR professionals. It’s experienced in producing, editing, and delivering press releases. This company excels in PR and user-friendliness. Logos, photos, and videos can be readily inserted to enhance your tale. Newswire’s distribution plans vary. You can submit several versions of releases for national and international dissemination. When you submit a press release, the site will offer you a list of websites and media sources that could print it. 

Single press release distribution costs $299 and can reach $1,999. All domestic PR packages can include one image or logo and 500 words without additional fees. Financial press releases start at $899. You need to choose the ideal press release format for your needs. International press releases cost more, but bulk purchases minimize the price (three, six, twelve, or twenty-four). Newswire offers a typical press release format. Clients fill out the form and upload photos or videos. 

  • GlobeNewswire 

The GlobeNewswire can quickly distribute online press releases to specific locations and audiences. It offers national and international plans. The US National allows you to distribute your news via AP, CNBC, CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo! Finance. This press release plan comprises a US region. GlobeNewswire distributes PR releases globally, not just in the US. This provider works with AFP, BNS, and others. You can disseminate your news release across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. 

GlobeNewswire offers multilingual dissemination, which is rare. This distributor performs a post-distribution analysis. The report allows you to measure press release ROI, examine where releases were delivered, and see audience reach. Basic packages cost $100-$150 for every release. For $300, you get access to the Influencer Marketing Platform, which helps you locate key influencers and bloggers in your market. It charges more for proofreading, editing, and translating. Media Monitoring lets you track media, your audience, and your competition. GlobeNewswire is a modern PR wire service that allows you to include multimedia in press releases. 

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