Microsoft Stock Increased After OpenAI Said the New Gpt-4 Can Beat Most People’s Sat Scores

Microsoft Stock

Microsoft Stock (NASDAQ:MSFT)

OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT software, claims that the most recent iteration of their AI software will be refined getting into universities. As a result, Microsoft stock surged.

Because OpenAI claimed on Tuesday that the new GPT-4 Big Language Model can outscore more than 90% of humans on the SAT. According to OpenAI’s report, GPT-4 achieved an 89th percentile mark on a simulated SAT math exam, and a 93rd percentile score on a simulated SAT reading exam. GPT-4 also performed above the 90th percentile in a practice bar test.

Since Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced a “multi-billion dollar, multi-year” investment in OpenAI in January, the company has become a poster child for the artificial intelligence business. Microsoft (MSFT) has been working on incorporating ChatGPT into its mobile apps for the iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) operating systems since February, when it first started incorporating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine and Edge browser.

In its Tuesday statement, OpenAI claimed that GPT-4 achieves “human-level performance” on various “professional and academic standards.” Support, sales, development, and content moderation are some areas where OpenAI has utilized GPT-4. The business also plans to use it “to help humans analyze AI outputs, [which is] commencing the second step in our alignment approach.”

OpenAI noted that, despite GPT-4’s promise, the technology has flaws.

“The GPT-4 basic model, like earlier GPT models, was trained to predict the next word in a text and was trained using publicly accessible data,” OpenAI stated. When asked a question, the basic model might provide answers far from the one the user had in mind.

OpenAI has promised to “fine-tune the model’s behavior using reinforcement learning with human input” to mitigate such concerns.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Google, another AI competitor, showcased a suite of new generative AI tools for the enterprise and the Google Cloud.

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