Meta Stock up as It Shuts Down Chinese and Russian Propaganda Networks

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META stock is trading at $138.45 as of 10:59 AM EDT

The U.S. midterm elections and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were the targets of two separate propaganda networks that had been stopped, according to Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META). One of the networks was Russian, while the other had Chinese roots.

Regarding the China-based network, Meta (META) stated that the Chinese-origin influence operation went across “multiple social media platforms,” including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and two Czech domestic platforms. This operation is the first to target U.S. domestic politics within the nation prior to the midterm elections. It also discussed Czechia’s stances on China and Ukraine from an international standpoint.

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According to Meta (META), the operation consisted of “four essentially independent and short-lived attempts” that each had a different target demographic and took place between the fall of 2021 and the middle of this month. In contrast to Czechia, where the action was mostly “anti-government,” Americans targeted individuals on both sides of the political spectrum.

“Each cluster of accounts — roughly a half-dozen each — posted content at modest numbers throughout working hours in China,” the business claimed. “Few people” participated, and some branded it fraudulent. A network shut down in 2020 made “extremely minimal efforts” to debate U.S. politics, focusing instead on the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The Russian propaganda network for the Ukraine war used hundreds of false social media profiles and more than 60 fake news websites impersonating The Guardian, Spiegel, and Bild.

Meta (NASDAQ:META) said the network targeted Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, and the U.K. “This is the largest and most complicated Russian-origin operation we’ve destroyed since the start of the Ukraine war,” the business said. Nick Clegg, policy chief at Meta Platforms (META), suggested Trump may be allowed back on Facebook in 2023.

Meta stock, Outlook

Meta stock Q2 revenue dropped approximately 1%, marking its first quarterly fall since being public. EPS decreased by 32%. The company’s Q3 outlook predicts dropping sales. Optimists believe Meta’s large client base will help it rebound once macro challenges fade. 

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