Boeing Stock Raised to Neutral at Credit Suisse on Better Operations

Boeing Stock

Boeing Stock (NYSE:BA)

Credit Suisse analysts gave Boeing (NYSE:BA) a Neutral recommendation on Boeing stock on Thursday after assigning the company an Underperform rating for investments. They claimed that the aircraft manufacturer had improved its operations, which could be seen in the increased number of aircraft deliveries.

An analyst at Credit Suisse named Scott Deuschle said in a research published on January 12 that recent robust order activity helps protect out-year expectations and enhances overall macro resilience. “China’s decision to relax a restriction on Australian coal imports may signal enhanced policy flexibility, which may suggest a larger possibility of Boeing’s regaining market access,” says the article.

Most of the critical risks are associated with bottlenecks in the supply chain, which have plagued Boeing’s production as the company seeks to increase delivery of aircraft that are either coming off the manufacturing line or out of its current inventory.

According to Credit Suisse, component manufacturers may need help to keep up with the expected increase in the production of Boeing’s single-aisle 737 aircraft, and fuselage manufacturers may be unable to keep up with the production of Boeing’s dual-aisle 787.

Based on an enterprise value-to-free cash flow multiple of 14.5 times the expected free cash flow per share of $16 for 2024, the bank increased its profits projections for Boeing. It increased its price objective from $121 to $200. The previous price target was $121.

In the last year up to January 11, 2019, Boeing stock saw a drop of 3.7%, which was lower than the 16% fall seen by the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index (SP500). After management offered estimates on cash flow, Boeing increased by more than 57% during the fourth quarter.

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