Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

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Imagine this: you’ve splurged thousands on travel to immerse yourself in a grand conference in a bustling city.

The days there are a blur of rushing, chasing speakers, seeking intriguing booths, and attempting to form meaningful connections.

After days of hustling from talk to talk, you’re exhausted with little to show for it.1

Hosting a big conference is definitely no walk in the park either with the daunting challenges of venue selection, securing sponsorships, managing logistics, and the relentless battle against rising costs.

But what if I told you there’s a better way? The work landscape is changing, and so are events.

By 2025, an estimated 33 million Americans will embrace remote work.2 These people earn more, feel more productive, and have a better work-life balance. Virtual events have been the saving grace, especially during the pandemic.3

To keep up with changing times, businesses are increasingly integrating virtual technology into their live events, propelling the Virtual Event Market toward a staggering valuation of $1.066 trillion by 2032.4

Virtual events cut costs, save time, and even significantly reduce our carbon footprint with fewer people driving and taking flights to events and to the office.

The future of events has dawned, and it’s nothing short of electrifying.

Among the revolutionary companies leading the transition is Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT), a virtual event powerhouse.

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Xcyte Digital specializes in spatial computing for events, offering a unique, cost-effective multi-platform subscription service to give its customers exactly what they need.

From leveraging AI to enhancing immersive experiences, to offering real-time analytics that measure your effectiveness, Xcyte is the future of how brands connect, engage, and succeed.

Image 16 1 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

What sets Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) apart is its impressive roster of over 2,000 companies who have used Xcyte’s platform over the years , including industry giants like American Express, McDonald’s, and even the US Federal Reserve.

Such a strong clientele signals a robust business model and significant growth potential. But it’s not just Xcyte’s clientele that makes this a compelling story; it’s also the team behind it.

Xcyte is helmed by CEO Randy Selman, a seasoned leader with experience in renowned telecom firms like Nortel and Siemens. Strong leadership is often a predictor of a company’s success, especially in the fast-paced tech sector.

Adding to the excitement, Xcyte has already made a mark by hosting the first-ever business-to-business Virtual Reality Event conference5, setting the stage for future innovations in this emerging field.

Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) offers an entry point into a groundbreaking and rapidly growing industry. With a strong client base, experienced leadership, and a penchant for innovation, they represent an opportunity to get involved with a company that’s setting new standards in the tech world.

6 Reasons

To Keep An Eye On Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT)


Proven Track Record & Clients: Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) has produced over 150,000 virtual events. They also count over 78% of Fortune 100 companies as users of their platform over the years, who are expected to transition to VRE-based events.


Current/Future Revenue & EBITDA: Xcyte (TSXV:XCYT) owns assets and businesses with $3.74M in revenue and an EBITDA of $372K for 2022. By 2026, the company projects a significant increase in revenue and EBITDA.


Growing Markets: The company operates in a market with double-digit growth potential. Estimates suggest a growth from $250B to $1 trillion over 6 years in VRE and virtual events.


High Valuations: Xcyte Digital’s competitors have received valuations as high as 75x their annual recurring revenue. This could indicate strong market approval for the business model.


Emerging Technology: Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) is a frontrunner in emerging technologies within the disrupted sector of virtual and VRE events. The shift towards these platforms offers timely growth opportunitiest.


Strategic Acquisitions on Deck: Xcyte plans to make strategic acquisitions in the immersive technologies space including telephony, spatial computing and virtual events by FY 2024. These include various sectors like digital marketing, financial services, and lead generation among others.

1 2 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

The Rise of Virtual Events and an All-in-One Solution

In a world where virtual events are quickly becoming the norm, competition is ramping up to see who emerges as the strongest contenders in this high growth market. What sets Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) apart is its comprehensive, all-in-one turnkey platform that manages everything from initial registration and payment to the virtual experience itself.

The company’s track record speaks volumes; with over 150,000 events successfully executed, Xcyte Digital possesses the kind of complex experience that’s indispensable.

This extensive history not only confers a high level of reliability but also offers unique insights into the unique and diverse needs, as well as potential challenges that virtual events can bring.

Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) not only offers its EncompassPro platform, which is a dynamic online gathering space seamlessly connecting organizations with their target audiences, they offer a streamlined and user-friendly experience by providing access to top-tier spatial computing and event platforms like Rooom, Meetaverse, MootUp, Virtway Events, Get Real XR and Swapcard, Grip, eventmobi, Airmeet, and CollectiVibe, coupled with expert support and management.

With Xcyte’s services, clients aren’t restricted to a one-size-fits-all, instead having the freedom to choose from various platform options, bolstered by full concierge support for a truly tailored experience. This adaptability is a clear differentiator, enhancing customer satisfaction while broadening the range of the company’s potential engagements.

Looking ahead, Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) is making significant inroads into next-generation metaverse services. Beyond hosting virtual events, the firm offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes 3D world configuration, content management, digital asset creation, marketplace development, and even extended reality capabilities.

In essence, Xcyte’s well-rounded offerings, deep-rooted experience, and forward-leaning innovation coalesce to form an entity poised for leadership in the expanding universe of virtual events. With its keen eye for both stability and innovation, the company stands as a compelling figure in an industry ripe for growth.

Navigating the realm of virtual events, several names have etched their mark in the industry. Let’s take a brief look at some of them:

In the summer of 2023, VoIP and video conferencing giant RingCentral made a splash in the virtual events space, by acquiring Hopin, a virtual venue for hosting events. Once valued around $7.6 billion6, Hopin’s platform enables brands and communities to create all-in-one live video experiences for their audiences. While impressive in its live event features, it doesn’t quite provide the extensive suite of post-event tools and services that Xcyte does.

Predominantly known for its game development tools, Unity Software has rich 3D and VR capabilities. And it’s also venturing into the realm of virtual spaces for events and meetings. While their strength lies in creating immersive environments, the full breadth of event management, from registration to concierge support, is certainly not their main focus.

Learn More About Xcyte Digital and its Impressive Roster of Fortune 1000 Clients! Click Here to Download the Corporate Presentation!

EventBrite is a powerful name when we talk about event management, primarily focusing on ticketing and registration services. They’ve made strides in helping event organizers navigate the shift to virtual formats. Yet, their scope is more about the logistic side of events, rather than the comprehensive virtual experience.

So, drawing a comparison, what becomes evident is that while these companies have shown prowess in specific sectors of the virtual event space, Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) offers a more holistic approach. Xcyte’s platform encompasses everything, from initial registration, concierge support, to immersive virtual experiences and even the prospects of the metaverse.

Here now, let’s take a look at how Xcyte is positioned as a robust contender in the ever-evolving world of virtual events.

1 9 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

Unlocking the Future of Human Experiences

Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) offers an all-in-one virtual events solution that has already impressed many in the industry. With its top-tier platform EncompassPro, Xcyte Digital has been leading the way in making virtual events seamless and engaging.

5 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

Virtual reality (VR) is more than just a buzzword; it’s a game-changing technology with the potential to impact various facets of human life. According to a recent study, the global virtual event market is expected to skyrocket to a staggering $1.066 trillion by 2032, up from $198.8 billion in 2022.7 Imagine investing in a company poised to grab a slice of that trillion-dollar pie. That’s Xcyte Digital for you.

While most associate VR primarily with gaming or entertainment, the technology’s application is far more expansive. It’s already transforming sectors like healthcare, military, architecture, and education.

Xcyte Digital offers a variety of features that not only make it a leader in the virtual events industry but also a compelling investment opportunity. Their services include:

      • Immersive Environment: 3D settings based on actual venue floor plans, complete with decor.
      • Intuitive Controls: Easy navigation for both hosts and attendees.
      • Customized Layout: Branding options to make each event unique.
      • Attendee Driven: Users control their own experience, increasing engagement and satisfaction.
      • Real-Time Analytics: Get instant data on participation and user behavior.

But it’s not just about the technology. Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) also provides a range of support services, such as:

      • Program Registration: Options for free or paid event registration.
      • Event Communications: Tailored strategies to drive awareness and participation.
      • Coaching: Support for speakers and moderators to shine.
      • Production: A skilled AV team to ensure a glitch-free experience.

Proven Track Record & Impressive Client Roster

With a staggering number of over 150,000 virtual events produced, Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) has demonstrated not just capability but mastery in the sector.

The breadth of Xcyte Digital’s client list speaks to its adaptability and efficiency. The company’s services have been used by over 2,000 companies over the years, many of whom are transitioning to Virtual Reality Environment (VRE) based events— a realm in which Xcyte excels.

Significantly, 78% of Fortune 100 companies have utilized Xcyte’s platform over the years. This level of engagement with industry giants underscores the brand’s credibility.

Over 100 million participants have engaged with Xcyte’s platform, reflecting not just its scalability but also its ability to maintain consistent quality across large user bases. The company has already cemented ties with the world’s largest trade show organizers, including Tarsus, Informa, and Clarion.

Xcyte’s (TSXV:XCYT) user list includes not only corporations like American Express, PWC, and McDonald’s, but also major institutions such as the United States Federal Reserve System and the University of Pennsylvania.

6 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

This diverse range of clients from various sectors—finance, healthcare, education, and beyond—illuminates Xcyte’s (TSXV:XCYT) versatile solutions.

Solid Recurring Revenue Model

Xcyte Digital’s (TSXV:XCYT) new subscription model (set to launch in the coming months) does more than just secure a steady income stream; it revolutionizes customer experience—through a range of subscription costs from around $7,000 to $33,000 monthly.

2 1 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

It’s projected that these managed services will bring an added value of around 40% to these subscriptions. This flexibility and range of options make it a one-stop-shop for all virtual event needs.

3 2 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

One of the most important aspects of the subscription model is its inclusivity. Clients won’t be restricted to a single platform. The model is designed to provide access to multiple event platforms, allowing for greater adaptability to specific needs.

Meanwhile, the profit potential for Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) is immense—with an approximate gross margin of a staggering 80%.

Not content to simply lead in profit margins, Xcyte is also making waves through its business strategies—by converting would-be competitors into partners. This innovative approach dissolves market rivalries and opens up new avenues for growth and collaboration.

4 1 Unlocking the Trillion-Dollar Potential in the Virtual Event Market

Now, for the icing on the cake: stability. With 80% of its revenue projected to be recurring, Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT) is a company that combines both growth and reliability.

Xcyte Digital’s upcoming subscription model is a trifecta of investor appeal: profitability, innovation, and stability.

With high margins, a game-changing business strategy, and a focus on recurring revenue, this company isn’t just promising; it’s proving its potential for long-term success.

Virtual Event Industry Pioneers with Capital Markets Experience

When it comes to leadership, Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT) sets itself apart. Among the roster of capable hands running the company, include:

Randy SelmanCEO

Selman co-founded Onstream Media, a leading company in webcasting and virtual events, and served as its CEO, President, and Chairman. Selman is no stranger to smart business moves; he’s made key acquisitions like Infinite Conferencing and Entertainment Digital Network. Before Onstream, he founded software developer SK Technologies Corporation and led it as Chairman, President, and CEO.
Alan SapersteinCOO and Director

Saperstein is not new to leadership; he co-founded Onstream Media (with Selman), a key player in the tech space, where he ran day-to-day operations for Onstream Media (formerly Visual Data). He’s also co-managed several tech patents used by hundreds of companies all over the world. Before diving into the tech world, Saperstein was a big deal in entertainment too. He was the Director of the Entertainment Division for NFL Films and produced over 100 rock videos for famous bands.
David AdlerIndependent Director

Adler brings a wealth of experience in the event and media sectors. He founded BizBash in 2000, a successful event company that he sold to Tarsus in 2019. Not stopping there, Adler also created the CEME Coalition, a key player in the convention and event industry. His leadership skills extend beyond his companies, having served on several boards including the Magazine Publishers Association and the Fine Arts Committee of the US State Department.
Jamie Hayes-JonesPresident Event Technologies

As the current President of Event Technologies at Xcyte, Hayes-Jones brings a rich history of success and creativity to the table. He founded Launch Interactions after realizing that no single solution could meet the unique needs of every event. His expertise is backed by his work with thousands of clients and over 15 million attendees.
Sabrina GeorgeSenior VP of Marketing

With over two decades of expertise in various kinds of marketing, George is the go-to person for anything related to promoting a business online and offline. Before joining Xcyte, she served for more than 15 years as the Vice President of Marketing at Onstream Media. There, she played a key role in launching EncompassPro, a game-changing virtual event platform, and its LeadGenFirst division. Earlier in her career, George was the Director of Marketing at Infinite Conferencing, where she built a strong online presence for the company and led successful campaigns to attract new customers.

RECAP – 6 Key Takeaways

About Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XCYT)


Established Performance & Clientele: Xcyte Digital boasts the successful execution of over 150,000 virtual events, coupled with a loyal user base of over 2000 who have used the Company’s services over a number of years, many of whom are looking forward to transitioning to VRE-based events.


Revenue & EBITDA Projections: Xcyte’s assets and acquired business had revenues of $3.74M and an EBITDA of $372K for 2022. Their financial forecasts for 2026 anticipate a leap in revenue and EBITDA.


Expanding Industry Footprint: Xcyte is rooted in a sector poised for exponential growth. Market predictions highlight an expansion from $250B to a staggering $1 trillion in 6 years, specifically in VRE and virtual events.


Promising Valuations: Xcyte’s industry peers have achieved valuations skyrocketing up to 75 times their annual recurring revenue, potentially signaling strong market confidence in such business strategies.


Pioneering in New Tech: Standing at the vanguard of innovative technologies in the realm of virtual and VRE events, Xcyte is well-positioned to capitalize on the industry’s imminent shift.


Acquisition Goals Set: By Fiscal Year 2024, Xcyte has its eyes set on strategic acquisitions within the realms of immersive technologies including telephony, spatial computing and virtual events. This spans a variety of domains, including digital marketing, financial arenas, and lead generation, to name a few.

In the rapidly evolving realm of virtual events and VRE, Xcyte Digital Corp. (TSXV:XYCT) stands as a testament to innovation, dedication, and strategic growth.

This company’s impressive track record, combined with their forward-thinking approach, makes their story one to monitor closely.

Dive deeper into the company’s offerings, financials, and strategic direction by visiting their official website, and stay abreast of all the latest news and developments, as the Xcyte Digital narrative unfolds.

Don’t miss out on this promising journey in the virtual events sector.

Learn More About Xcyte Digital and its Impressive Roster of Fortune 1000 Clients! Click Here to Download the Corporate Presentation!


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