Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominates as the leading investment trend of 2024.

Yet, the standout AI stock isn’t giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, or Apple.

Our research highlights a hidden gem, currently valued at only $12 million

Anticipated to experience significant growth, and the potential for lucrative returns.

This company holds a patent with its AI 3D radar imaging technology and is partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It has already established key partnerships with government agencies such as the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the US Military, Los Alamos National Labs and major airports like Toronto Pearson aka Canada’s biggest airport, Rochester International and Denver International – among others.1

In fact, Toronto Pearson’s CTO thinks this new AI tech is a complete game-changer for the aviation industry.

image10 3 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

If you missed the chance with Microsoft’s debut on the stock market in 1986…

This could be a second chance for redemption.

Seriously, it’s one of the hottest companies we’ve profiled to date.

  • AI
  • Data analytics
  • Security detection
  • TSA investment into Company

It’s the total package!

We’re about to reveal a business that’s not just participating but excelling in these sectors.

Now, you may be wondering, “What makes AI stocks such a compelling investment?

Well, we stand on the brink of an AI revolution, where those with the insight to leverage this technological wave are poised to potentially gain significant benefits.

This company is disrupting the security detection industry in all locations prone to threats, unmatched by any competitors.

The days of traditional security measures are gone.

Metal detectors and physical inspections? Insufficient for today’s threats.

Non-metallic weapons like 3D-printed guns, plastic explosives, and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) are on the rise. image14 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

The consequence?

Relentless attacks on sacred sites, public spaces, airports, and government buildings.

Schools are no exception. Recall the tragedies at Robb Elementary, Sandy Hook, and Columbine to name a few?

Over the past 30 years, gun violence has claimed more American lives than all US wars combined1,2.

And as technology evolves, the situation worsens.

Cyber threats, particularly through malware-laden USBs3, are escalating, compromising national security.

These USBs act as digital Trojan horses, unleashing chaos by stealing data or damaging systems once connected.

Imagine the chaos if a compromised USB found its way into Los Alamos National Labs, a nucleus for nuclear intelligence.

The demand for a modern solution is loud and clear.

And it’s not the outdated metal detectors.

Welcome to our top AI microcap stock of 2024, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF).

Fusing AI, groundbreaking millimeter wave (MMW) tech, and state-of-the-art 3D imaging, Liberty Defense has created the ultimate weapon against mass shootings, ghost guns, and data breaches.

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This is a company you need to pay close attention to.

Now let’s take a closer look at Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF).

Multi-Million Dollar Contracts Are Rolling In

In late 2023, Liberty Defense moved from to signing and deploying multi-million dollar contracts with billion-dollar security industry heavyweights:

SCAN 1 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

What enables a security defense firm valued at a miniscule $12 million market cap to supply major national security entities and key transportation centers?

Enter Liberty’s HEXWAVETM, a breakthrough in walkthrough screening portals from MIT, clinching the 2023 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award.

It detects everything: liquid, plastic, powder explosives, 3D-printed weapons, and malware laden USB drives.

Los Alamos National Labs6,7 didn’t hesitate. HEXWAVETM is their shield against threats to national nuclear secrets.

And this is just the beginning.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has given Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) a multi-million dollar contract with a new mandate that rolls out in September where airport personnel must go through the same security screenings as passengers.

Liberty Defense is the TSA’s sole choice as their only approved vendor8.

The TSA’s confidence runs deeper; they’re investing over $4 million in Liberty’s next big thing: High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT).

Each upgrade kit will cost $100,000, plus $10,000 yearly for year maintenance fees.

Over 1,000 body scanners at 400+ US airports need upgrades which spells a potential revenue boom for Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF).

Do the math. The potential is staggering.

Liberty Defense’s HEXWAVETM could also become a staple at major ports after gaining approval to operate at the Port of Oakland through an agreement with National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies).9

Safe Skies is a non-profit funded by the Federal Aviation Administration that works with airports, government, and industry to maintain a safe and effective aviation security system.

Not to mention Canada’s largest airport Toronto Pearson International and the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport are integrating Liberty Defense‘s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) HEXWAVE system.

Toronto Pearson is implementing this technology to manage its projected increase from 45 million to 65 million passengers by the mid-2030s. Meanwhile, Rochester’s airport, a vital hub in Western New York, is the first in the US to employ HEXWAVE in its security operations, focusing on enhancing screening in non-traditional areas. 

This initiative not only underscores both airports’ commitment to cutting-edge security measures but also sets a new standard in safeguarding the traveling public while streamlining airport operations.

And it’s not just North American companies rushing to get their hands on this new AI security tech.

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has already made sales in Europe10 and Asia11, with more international deals coming down the pipeline.

The Future of Security: 7 Insights

into Why Investors Shouldn’t Overlook Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF)


Patented AI Technology: Artificial Intelligence, 3D imaging, and millimeter wave (MMW) tech straight from MIT.


Big-Ticket Contracts: Sealing multimillion-dollar deals with defense behemoths the TSA, OSI Systems, Smiths Detection, Los Alamos Labs and Viken Detection. Liberty also has started to roll out trials at major airports like Denver International, JFK and LaGuardia and is being deployed at Toronto Pearson International and Rochester International Airport.


Major Inflection Point: From R&D phase to commercial production and sales.


Elite Team of Security Experts from sectors like the US Department of Homeland Security and Canadian Armed Force that collectively developed and sold over $5 billion in security tech.


Rising Security Demand: The North American physical Security Market is expected to be worth US$48.2 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.2%13


Diverse Clientele: HEXWAVE’sTM versatility for use in airports, schools, hospitals, and more offers a vast market opportunity.


Recurring Revenue Model: Combining flexible HEXWAVETM hardware sales with long-term maintenance contracts, AI updates, and adaptable implementation options, provides Liberty Defense with multiple recurring revenue streams.

Evolving Threat Detection: Beyond Metal Detectors to AI-Powered Technology

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) catapults ahead of the competition with HEXWAVETM, combining millimeter wave (MMW) technology, 3D imaging, and AI for unparalleled threat detection, both metallic and non-metallic.

HEXWAVETM revolutionizes public safety, outperforming traditional security measures with its advanced approach.

image2 2 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology This positions Liberty far beyond peers like Leidos14, Evolv Technology15, Xtract One16, and Thruvision17.

Why millimeter wave technology? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Emits safe, non-ionizing radio waves, higher frequency than cell phones and WiFi, with zero cancer risk.
  • Its low-energy waves bounce off the skin, spotting hidden objects without harmful body penetration.
  • Cleared as safe for everyone by health experts and the FCC — children, pregnant women, and those with implants included.

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) not only prioritizes advanced detection but also champions safety and privacy, distinguishing itself as the superior investment opportunity.

Next, let’s compare Liberty’s innovative edge to its competitors, showcasing why we believe this could potentially be the top AI company of 2024. scan hj Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology


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Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) HEXWAVETM has already proven its efficacy in real-world scenarios. Trials in various sectors such as places of worship, MLB stadiums, and airports have yielded impressive results.

Detection rates not only met expectations but also the overall experience was rated much better than traditional metal detectors. image15 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology HEXWAVETM stands out for its exceptional versatility, seamlessly adapting to various environments from outdoor concerts to indoor shopping malls.

This makes it a critical product across a spectrum of security situations, protecting everything from commercial venues to the most secure intelligence sites.

Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) patented AI 3D imaging technology is a cornerstone, enabling high throughput. HEXWAVETM efficiently manages crowd movement in real-time, minimizing delays at security checkpoints.

The system is designed for convenience.

There’s no need to empty pockets of items like keys, wallets, or cell phones, allowing individuals to pass through without hassle.

Privacy is also a major priority. The technology ensures a non-intrusive screening process, where the images for threat detection are processed without storing any personal information, offering an extra layer of privacy.

HEXWAVETM is more than a standalone product; its integration capabilities with smart Internet of Things (IoT) technology make it a scalable solution that can be incorporated into existing security frameworks, evolving with your security needs.

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) brings patented innovation to the forefront of security technology, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and privacy.

Revolutionizing Airport Screening with High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD AIT)

Right now, airports are working hard to keep travelers safe and security is a big concern.

To tackle these issues, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is launching new employee screening rules.

The TSA’s goal is to make security measures even stronger by screening airport workers just like passengers.18,19

Key features of High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD-AIT) include:

  • Superior Imaging Quality: Unlike traditional scanners that may produce unclear images, HD-AIT delivers sharp, high-resolution visuals, enabling security personnel to easily identify concealed threats.
  • Privacy-Centric: HD-AIT prioritizes your privacy, detecting objects under clothing without the need for invasive pat-downs.
  • Efficiency and Simplicity: With Liberty’s technology, there’s no need for awkward stances — a straightforward, arms-down position allows for a swift, hassle-free scan.

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has further innovated with its award-winning footwear screening technology, eliminating the inconvenience of shoe removal during security checks. This addition seamlessly integrates with current security infrastructures, providing a cost-effective enhancement. image13 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology In response to the increasing demands for advanced airport security, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) offers solutions that are not only fast and precise but also respectful of individual privacy.

With global airports looking to modernize their security protocols, Liberty’s cutting-edge technologies present an optimistic path forward. The introduction of HD-AIT and complementary screening solutions could transform airport security experiences, making them less burdensome for travelers.

Embracing Liberty Defense’s technologies allows airports to not just meet but surpass today’s security requirements, establishing a new benchmark in aviation safety.

Solid Business Model, Multiple Revenue Streams and Clear Path

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has already invested $40 million into making its technology reliable and market-ready.

This company is not just about security; they aim to make life better for everyone who walks through their security portals.

Liberty Defense does this by allowing more efficient in-venue sales, which is a revenue booster for its clients. They understand that security solutions aren’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, which is why they provide a variety of income-generating avenues:

  • Hardware Sales (HEXWAVE): HEXWAVETM units are flexible. Just one may be used, or an entire portal with two or more units.
  • Maintenance and AI Updates: Liberty Defense doesn’t just sell a product and say goodbye. They offer a 5-year maintenance plan that includes Software and AI updates. This annual revenue stream grows with each hardware sale.
  • Implementation: HEXWAVETM seamlessly integrates with existing security frameworks or functions independently as a standalone system. Its deployment can range from simple setups to comprehensive integrations, tailored to the specific requirements of each venue.

Financially, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is on the brink of soaring gross margins post-2023. With sights set on the U.S. and Canada, their horizon spans globally. Innovative financing options for HEXWAVETM are on the table, offering unparalleled buyer flexibility.

The market’s ripe for the taking, with the North American Physical Security Market projected to surge from $37.4 billion in 2021 to a whopping $48.2 billion by 2026.20 image17 1 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

Top-Tier Expertise from World-Renowned Institutions

One big factor in Liberty Defense‘s ongoing success is its fully stacked team.

This team is responsible for collectively developing and selling over $5 billion worth of security and technology equipment, with backgrounds at:

  • L3 Harris Technologies
  • US Customs & Border Protection
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

ghfhfg Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology ghjgth Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology

image9 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology Bill Frain  CEO and Director

Frain served as the Senior Vice President for L-3 Security & Detection Systems (NYSE:LHX), a top supplier of security inspection systems. His responsibilities included overseeing global sales, business development, and key account management. Before that, he was the CFO at Vivid Technologies, which was later acquired by PerkinElmer, ultimately leading to the sale of the security and detection systems division to L-3 Technologies.

image5 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology Jeffrey Gordon VP of Engineering

Jeffrey Gordon is an accomplished engineering professional with over 35 years experience leading the development of ground breaking sensing products for the military, medical, industrial, and commercial markets, including body scanners that can be seen deployed across most U.S. and EU airport airport checkpoints.

image10 Can AI Save America? Defending the Homeland with Cutting-Edge Technology Linda Jacksta Independent Director

With 35 years at U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency, Jacksta brings extensive expertise in border security and operational problem-solving. A recipient of the Presidential Rank Award, Meritorious Executive, she now serves as President of the J2 Consulting Group.

Mark Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) as a Must-Watch Now


Cutting-Edge Security Tech: AI-powered HEXWAVETM offers resilient and forward-looking safety solutions using 3D imaging and millimeter wave technologies.


Veteran Industry Skills: Led by professionals with hands-on expertise from the US Department of Homeland Security to the Canadian Armed Forces with a track record of over $5 billion in industry sales putting Liberty Defense ahead of the curve


Marquee Partners and Clients: Endorsements and collaborations with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pacific Northwest Labs, and the TSA, complemented by a strategic alliance with Smiths Detection, affirm Liberty’s market standing.


Industry on the Rise: The North American Physical Security Industry is set to hit $48.2 billion by 2026.


Expansive Application Scope: The flexibility of HEXWAVETM for settings from schools and hospitals to airports signifies immense growth potential.


Quality Assured in America: Crafted and assembled in the USA, Liberty Defense products adhere to stringent American quality benchmarks.


Robust Revenue Strategy: Liberty Defense capitalizes on a blend of versatile HEXWAVETM hardware sales, enduring maintenance agreements, AI enhancements, and customizable implementation solutions to ensure continuous revenue channels.

Remember what we said earlier…

Imagine having the chance to get in on the ground floor of the next Microsoft, before it becomes a household name.

Start your research now and ensure Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is on your watchlist.

Opportunities like this are rare.


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