New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

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In 2023, the world is grappling with an unsettling reality.

Political divides, racial injustice, health mandates and global conflicts have pushed extremism from the fringes into the mainstream.

The consequences? Alarming spikes in violent acts – from heated protests to chilling attacks on places of worship, public venues, airports, government establishments, and even our schools.

Major advances in technology are only adding fuel to the fire.

The rise of ghost guns, 3D printed bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are no longer just plot points in a thriller; they’re our reality.

These aren’t just weapons; they’re unchecked threats, easily accessible and difficult to trace, further emphasizing the age we live in.

But it turns out that advanced weapons aren’t the only security risk threatening to upend entire nations.

Malware infected USB attacks are also on the rise, giving attackers access to national landmarks and hubs containing sensitive information.1

Imagine if one of these USB sticks made its way into Los Alamos National Labs, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, which safeguards pivotal US data, spanning nuclear weapon designs to groundbreaking scientific research—information that could alter global dynamics if fallen into the wrong hands.
image2 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures


Enter Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF). This security defense company offers a next-generation solution adept at countering the threats of mass shootings and ghost guns, while also staunchly defending vital infrastructure and data.

Liberty Defense HEXWAVETM walkthrough screening portals were recently deployed at Los Alamos, signifying the company’s substantial shift from research and development into commercial operations.2,3

image15 1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

HEXWAVE is no ordinary security system. Developed at MIT, it employs millimeter wave technology, advanced 3D imaging, and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify concealed items and weapons—including liquid, plastic, and powder explosives, 3D-printed weapons, and even unauthorized data storage like USB drives—all while allowing common items to pass through without issue.

Building upon its impressive security tech portfolio, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has already garnered impressive partnerships and clients like the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Smiths Detection, and now, Los Alamos Labs.

Beyond its tech stack, the prowess of Liberty Defense‘s leadership cannot be overlooked.

With a collective experience in developing and selling over $5 billion worth of security and technology equipment, this team has a background that includes major roles at L3 Harris Technologies, US Customs & Border Protection, Canadian Armed Forces, Massachusetts Port Authority, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, among others.

image7 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measuresimage8 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measuresimage6 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures
image19 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures image4 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Now let’s take a deeper dive into what Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) brings to the table, as a rising star in the security tech stock scene.

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7 Reasons

Why Investors Should Pay Close Attention to Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF)


Next-Generation AI-Driven Security: HEXWAVE uses AI, 3D imaging, and millimeter wave tech for adaptable, future-proof security.


Major Inflection Point: Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has transitioned from the R&D phase to commercial production and sales, with its HEXWAVE screening device now available to the market.


Strong Security Industry Experience and Hands-On Knowledge: The team boasts rich experience from sectors like the US Department of Homeland Security and Canadian Armed Forces, offering unique skills in security tech development. They have also collectively developed and sold over $5 billion in security tech, positioning them to excel in the industry.


Billion-Dollar Partnerships and Clients: Relationships with MIT, Pacific Northwest Labs, and TSA, along with a distribution network with Smiths Detection, validate Liberty’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) credentials.


Rising Security Demand: The North American physical Security Market is expected to be worth US$48.2 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.2%.4


Blue Sky Potential: HEXWAVE’s versatility for use in airports, schools, hospitals, and more offers a vast market opportunity.


Multi-Faceted Revenue Approach: Combining flexible HEXWAVE hardware sales with long-term maintenance contracts, AI updates, and adaptable implementation options, provides Liberty Defense with multiple recurring revenue streams

Next-Generation Security Detection: Why Liberty Defense’s HEXWAVE is the Future of Public Safety

The days of traditional security measures are coming to an end because what worked before is no longer good enough to keep us safe. Basic metal detectors or manual inspections just aren’t cutting it anymore. This is where Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) comes into play, providing next-level security with its HEXWAVE technology.5

HEXWAVE goes above and beyond the conventional to offer a more complete and efficient solution for public safety.

image16 1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) HEXWAVE is engineered with cutting-edge features that set it apart from competitors like Leidos6, Evolv Technology7, Xtract One8, and Thruvision9.

Unlike other security systems, HEXWAVE uses a blend of millimeter wave (MMW) technology, advanced 3D imaging, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen for both metallic and non-metallic threats.

It’s a full package, capable of detecting a wide range of objects including 3D printed weapons, plastic explosives, and even liquid hazards—all without disturbing the peace and privacy of the patrons walking through it.

1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Liberty Defense’s HEXWAVE has already proven its efficacy in real-world scenarios. Trials in various sectors such as places of worship, MLB stadiums, and airports have yielded impressive results.

Detection rates not only met expectations but also the overall experience was rated much better than traditional metal detectors.

image18 1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) HEXWAVE technology identifies a broad spectrum of threats, from metallic to non-metallic, ensuring that nothing harmful, such as guns or liquid explosives, and any other potential “slips through the cracks.”

The system is also incredibly versatile, working flawlessly in a variety of settings, whether it’s an outdoor concert or an indoor shopping mall. This adaptability makes HEXWAVE an invaluable asset in today’s diverse range of security operations from commercial settings to even the most heavily protected intelligence sites on earth.

Another standout feature is its high throughput, made possible by video-rate 3D imaging. This allows HEXWAVE to process crowds in real time, resulting in minimal delays and a smooth, efficient flow of people through security checkpoints.

Convenience is another advantage. Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) technology is designed to eliminate the hassle of having to empty pockets of common items like keys, wallets, or cell phones. With HEXWAVE, you can simply walk through the security portal without all of these items.

HEXWAVE also places a high priority on privacy. The system is designed to be non-intrusive, and the images used for threat detection do not store any personal information. This approach provides an added layer of privacy for those being screened.

HEXWAVE is more than just a standalone system. Its smart Internet of Things (IoT) functionality enables it to be integrated into existing security systems, making it a scalable solution that can evolve along with your security needs.

Revolutionizing Airport Screening with High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD AIT)

Right now, airports are working hard to keep travelers safe. Security is a big concern, and it’s not just about preventing terrorism. There are also issues with criminal gangs trying to recruit airport workers for illegal activities. This makes the job of security teams even harder.

To tackle these issues, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is launching new employee screening rules. It’s a big change, and Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is at the center of it. The TSA’s goal is to make security measures even stronger by screening airport workers just like passengers10, 11

But this comes with challenges. For instance, who will foot the bill? While there’s debate on this, one thing is clear: better technology is key to making it all work.

This is why the TSA has enlisted the help of Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF), which is developing cutting-edge technology that will make airport screening quicker and more accurate. Imagine going through security without taking off your shoes. Or imagine fewer pat-downs because the new scanners are that good. Liberty’s High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HD AIT)12 is the next big thing in airport security.

Key Features of HD AIT:

      • Higher Quality Imaging: Traditional body scanners can be a bit blurry. HD AIT offers crisp, high-res images that help security staff spot hidden threats
      • Privacy-Focused: This technology respects your privacy by safely detecting items beneath your clothing without invasive pat-downs.
      • Easy and Quick: Liberty’s technology doesn’t require awkward poses. You simply stand with your arms down for a quick and easy scan.

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has also developed an award-winning footwear screener. This is huge because it means you won’t have to remove your shoes during screening. The technology can easily be added to existing setups, making it a cost-effective solution.

image17 1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

The need for improved airport security is greater than ever. Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is answering that call by offering technologies that are quick , accurate, and respect your privacy.

As airports around the world look to update their security measures, Liberty’s advanced technologies offer a promising way forward.

image1 8 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

So, the next time you’re at an airport, you might just find that getting through security is a little less stressful thanks to innovations like HD AIT.

By adopting Liberty Defense’s (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) technology, airports can not only meet but exceed the security demands of the modern world, setting a new standard in aviation safety.

Learn Why Smiths Detection, Los Alamos Labs and the TSA are All Working With Liberty Defense. Click Here to Download the Corporate Presentation!

Top-Notch Partnerships and Clients

When it comes to security solutions, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) doesn’t work in isolation. The company has surrounded itself with top-notch partners and clients who help enhance its technology and broaden its reach.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Role: Client
Project: Upgrade Kit Development
Details: Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) received a $1.75M USD contract, making them the only company to secure such an award from TSA. The project focuses on enhancing imaging capabilities for detecting new and emerging threats, backed by a 7-year roadmap. TSA has future plans to upgrade 1,000 body scanners in the U.S. and another 1,000 globally.

image13 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Role: Research Partner
Projects: HEXWAVE, HD-AIT, and Shoe Screener
Details: Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has exclusive licenses for these technologies developed by PNNL and funded by the Department of Homeland Security. The projects aim to solve various aviation screening problems, from eliminating the need to remove shoes to enhancing imaging technology at checkpoints.

image3 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Role: Licensing Partner
Project: HEXWAVE
Details: Liberty holds an exclusive license from MIT for HEXWAVE, which uses active 3D radar imaging technology for threat detection.

image14 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA)13
Role: Client
Project: HEXWAVE Deployment
Details: GTAA issued an award for the purchase of multiple HEXWAVE systems for deployment at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The system will be integrated into their broader airport security program.

image5 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Los Alamos National Laboratory14
Role: Client
Project: HEXWAVE Deployment
Details: Los Alamos has purchased multiple HEXWAVE units for initial testing at their facility, emphasizing the technology’s potential in high-security environments.

image11 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

GRASP Innovations, Netherlands15,16
Role: Distribution Partner
Project: HEXWAVE Deployment in Europe
Details: Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) and GRASP aim to develop a touchless, autonomous checkpoint screening solution using HEXWAVE.

image21 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

By strategically aligning with government agencies, research institutions, and commercial enterprises, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is well-positioned to address the multifaceted challenges of modern security.

Solid Business Model, Multiple Revenue Streams and Clear Path

Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) has already invested $40 million into making its technology reliable and market-ready. This company is not just about security; they aim to make life better for everyone who walks through their security portals. They do this by allowing more efficient in-venue sales, which is a revenue booster for its clients.

Liberty Defense knows that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to security. That’s why they offer multiple ways to generate income:

      • Hardware Sales (HEXWAVE): HEXWAVE units are flexible. You can use just one, or you can set up a whole portal with two or more units. It’s all up to the client.
      • Maintenance and AI Updates: Liberty Defense doesn’t just sell a product and say goodbye. They offer a 5-year maintenance plan that includes Software and AI updates. This annual revenue stream grows with each hardware sale.
      • Implementation: HEXWAVE fits into any current security setup or can work as its own system. The implementation can be basic or fully integrated, depending on the venue’s needs.

From a financial standpoint, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) is set to achieve high gross margins beyond 2023. They’re initially focusing on the U.S. and Canadian markets, but they see the global potential. Various financing options for HEXWAVE are also in the works, giving buyers flexibility.

The market timing is ideal, as the North American Physical Security Market is expected to jump from $37.4 billion in 2021 to $48.2 billion by 2026.17

image20 1 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive Measures

Top-Tier Expertise from World-Renowned Institutions

When it comes to leadership, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) sets itself apart. Boasting an executive team with a background spanning reputable institutions such as L3Harris Technologies, US Customs & Border Protection (CBP), and the Canadian Armed Forces, this is a company that brings top-notch expertise to the table. Not to forget, their experience also includes roles with the Massachusetts Port Authority, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), The Mitre Corporation, and Lockheed Martin.

The collective experience of Liberty Defense’s leadership isn’t just impressive; it’s proven. They have overseen the development and sale of over $5 billion worth of security and technology equipment. Among the roster of capable hands running the company, include:

image9 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive MeasuresBill FrainCEO and Director

Frain served as the Senior Vice President for L-3 Security & Detection Systems (NYSE:LHX), a top supplier of security inspection systems. His responsibilities included overseeing global sales, business development, and key account management. Before that, he was the CFO at Vivid Technologies, which was later acquired by PerkinElmer, ultimately leading to the sale of the security and detection systems division to L-3 Technologies.

image10 New Age of Threats Demands Cutting-Edge Defensive MeasuresLinda JackstaIndependent Director

With 35 years at U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency, Jacksta brings extensive expertise in border security and operational problem-solving. A recipient of the Presidential Rank Award, Meritorious Executive, she now serves as President of the J2 Consulting Group.

RECAP – 7 Key Takeaways

for Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF)


Cutting-Edge Security Tech: AI-powered HEXWAVE offers resilient and forward-looking safety solutions using 3D imaging and millimeter wave technologies.


Veteran Industry Skills: Led by professionals with hands-on expertise from the US Department of Homeland Security to the Canadian Armed Forces with a track record of over $5 billion in industry sales putting Liberty Defense ahead of the curve


Marquee Partners and Clients: Endorsements and collaborations with MIT, Pacific Northwest Labs, and the TSA, complemented by a strategic alliance with Smiths Detection, affirm Liberty’s market standing.


Market on the Rise: The North American Physical Security Market is set to hit $48.2 billion by 2026.


Expansive Application Scope: The flexibility of HEXWAVE for settings from schools and hospitals to airports signifies immense growth potential.


Quality Assured in America: Crafted and assembled in the USA, Liberty Defense products adhere to stringent American quality benchmarks.


Robust Revenue Strategy: Liberty Defense capitalizes on a blend of versatile HEXWAVE hardware sales, enduring maintenance agreements, AI enhancements, and customizable implementation solutions to ensure continuous revenue channels.

In an increasingly complex security landscape, Liberty Defense (TSXV:SCAN) (OTCQB:LDDFF) stands out as the frontrunner in next-generation security solutions.

With its advanced HEXWAVE technology, top-tier industry partnerships, and a leadership team that’s second to none, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on a booming North American security market.

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Learn Why Smiths Detection, Los Alamos Labs and the TSA are All Working With Liberty Defense. Click Here to Download the Corporate Presentation!


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