Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

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Brace yourselves. 

Cancer—a word that chills the spine. It doesn’t discriminate, hitting the young and the robust. Disturbing facts from BMJ Oncology report a staggering 79% rise in early-onset cases in the last 30 years.1 

The culprits? Windpipe and prostate cancer, leading the surge.

Imagine enduring chemotherapy—the months of recuperation, the relentless side effects—fatigue, nausea, you name it. It’s a brutal journey, a test of grit and resilience. But there’s a flicker of light on the horizon.

Take Adrian Taylor2—a living beacon of newfound hope. Facing a grim prognosis, he gambled on a pioneering cancer vaccine trial last November. 

Today? He’s not just surviving; he’s thriving, cherishing milestones with his family. A testament to the sheer power of innovation.

Picture this: A powerhouse forging ahead, reshaping the biopharmaceutical terrain with groundbreaking cancer vaccines. This isn’t just a pipe dream—it’s a tangible, gripping reality, and one enterprise is spearheading this revolution.

Welcome to the realm of Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF), a disruptor pioneering a technological approach to cancer treatment. Leveraging its groundbreaking Accum® Technology, it’s gearing up to tackle even the toughest cancer adversaries.

That’s not all. A recent study from the prestigious Cancer Science journal revealed that Accum® not only kills cancer cells but also boosts the immune system to fight the cancer.3

We’re standing at the cusp of a medical renaissance, an era where hope and science converge. Keep your eyes peeled—this is where the future unfolds.

Using its patented and highly versatile state-of-the-art Accum™ Technology, Defence Therapeutics focuses on targeting the most difficult types of cancers to treat. 

 Accum® only targets the infected parts of infected cells only and delivers treatments at 10x the rate of current (ADC) solutions by:4

  1. Sending more treatment to the right cells
  2. Breaking through cell barriers
  3. Reaching the exact spots inside cells
  4. Making sure only the right spots get treated

As a testament to its ground-breaking work, Defence Therapeutics recently collaborated with Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid (a highly acclaimed short-form series)5 to bring awareness to this vital mission.6

Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid and Defence Therapeutics Join Forces to Explore Breakthroughs in Biotechnology – Watch Now!

Significantly, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is at a crucial turning point: it’s transitioning from discovery to the clinical stage, gearing up for two Phase 1 clinical trials for its patented cancer vaccine and anti-cancer therapeutics.7 


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Now charging forward, Defence Therapeutics is on the path toward filing an Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the FDA.8

It’s time to delve into why Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) stands as a beacon, on the threshold of crafting groundbreaking vaccines that could redefine survival for millions.

7 Reasons

to Add Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) To Your Watchlist


Groundbreaking Patented Technology Platform: Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) US-patented Accum® Technology platform delivers enhanced intracellular drug delivery, with a versatility targeting multiple cancers, especially those difficult to treat. This technology can elevate the potency of any Defence Therapeutics or partner product by at least 10-20X.9


Significant Traction and Pipeline: Defence Therapeutics is leveraging Accum® Technology with two programs in cancer treatment and vaccine development, each showcasing significant progress.


Robust IP Portfolio: Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) boasts a global IP portfolio, with 7 distinct patent families surrounding four central functions related to ADCs, Vaccines, RNA, DNA, MSCs, mRNA, Delivery, Mixing, Linking, Gene Editing, and CRISPR/Cas9. This opens the door for global licensing opportunities.


Favorable Capital Structure: Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) has a solid foundation with 43 million shares outstanding. Notably, the trading float is only 22-25% of the total outstanding shares.


Extensive Experience: Led by a team with wide-ranging expertise in pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, business development, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a well-rounded approach, including Dr. Moutih Rafei, a world-renowned expert in immuno-oncology and Dr. Raimar Löbenberg, who founded the Drug Development and Innovation Centre at the University of Alberta.


Gaining National Recognition with Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid Collaboration: Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) partnered with the nationally renowned show, Viewpoint, hosted by Dennis Quaid. The episode is airing across 170+ U.S. stations from September 18, 2023, spotlighting Defence’s cutting-edge biotech advancements.


Remarkable Preclinical Results: Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) has shown impressive preclinical results, with a 100% cure rate on pre-established Lymphoma and an 80% success rate on Melanoma.

Developing the First-of-its-Kind Scalable Solution Solving Previous Cancer Treatment Challenges

image3 1 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer TherapiesDr. Moutih Rafei, a leader in the development of immune-related therapies for catastrophic illnesses,  leads Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) into making new cancer and disease vaccines. Their secret weapon? The ACCUM® platform.

What Makes ACCUM® Stand Out?

ACCUM® technology is a game-changer, supercharging drugs to be 10-20 times more potent than what we’re used to. Imagine a sniper-like precision that only targets the bad cells, leaving the good ones untouched. Not only could this mean big savings on medication costs, but it’s also proof that sometimes a little can do a lot, especially when it packs such a powerful punch.

Versatile Strategy, Singular Solution

In a world where most firms narrow their focus on battling a singular type of ailment, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) aims to transcend boundaries. The company’s main goal is to fight cancer, but they’re also working to tackle various infectious diseases. They’re developing a single technology that can battle everything from cancer to Ebola and even CV-19.

Plus, the agility of this technology is unprecedented. ACCUM® stands ready to pivot swiftly, presenting a beacon of hope for faster, adaptable responses in the face of emergent global health crises, such as pandemics.

Enhanced Safety and Efficacy

ACCUM® technology could mean fewer side effects for patients. It’s like a smart tool that targets the bad cells while leaving the good ones untouched. This can make treatment with these new drugs more comfortable for patients.

Groundbreaking Trials in the Real World

Undeterred by challenges, Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is advancing its ARM vaccine in trials against pancreatic and ovarian cancers—two ‘killers’ in the medical world. As highlighted earlier, preliminary trial results are promising, boasting a remarkable 100% cure rate in pre-established lymphoma cases, and an impressive 80% efficacy rate in melanoma pre-clinical trials. The fight is on, and the future looks brighter with each successful test.

image4 1 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

Let’s take a quick look at how Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) compares to its other potential peers in the space:

DTC Chart Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

In a world where many companies are trying to find a cure for cancer, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is like a special island with a hidden treasure. They have something really unique — the Accum® Technology.

This technology is not just an idea; it actually works! It helps make medicines up to 10 times stronger against the bad cells compared to other treatments that are already being used.

But the great part? Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) isn’t keeping this amazing discovery all to themselves. They want to share it with others. They are in talks with different drug companies to possibly share this technology, helping them improve their own medicines too.

What makes Accum® Technology really cool is that it uses something called ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates) to decide how the cancer-fighting drugs are delivered directly inside the cell. 

In simpler words, it’s like having a super-smart GPS system just for cancer drugs, guiding them directly to the problem areas. And the first tests show that it’s really effective in stopping the growth of tumors!


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Accelerated Vaccine Development on the Path Towards Approval

Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is advancing with a formidable strategy to counteract some of the most lethal forms of cancer prevalent today. Leveraging the sophisticated Accum® technology, they have developed a pioneering formulation dubbed the ARM Vaccine. This isn’t just another vaccine; it’s meticulously designed to cultivate an immune response that adeptly identifies and eradicates malignant cancer cells.

image1 1 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

image5 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

Facing the Challenge of Pancreatic Cancer

In collaboration with Transbiotech Biotechnology Research, a vanguard in the Canadian biotech sector, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is taking significant strides in conducting trials on the ARM Vaccine against the formidable foe – pancreatic cancer. 

As of 2023, this killer disease boasts a mortality rate of 78.9%, constituting 8.3% of total cancer fatalities.10 The upcoming tests will combine the ARM Vaccine with another treatment, bolstering the body’s defenses with the aspiration to demonstrate efficacy where conventional treatments have faltered.

image2 1 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

Preparation for Clinical Phase I Trials Underway

Phase I trials are the next big step, and Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is working hard to get ready. They’re working with experts to decide the best dosing plans and are testing the vaccine under strict conditions to make sure it’s safe and effective. With everything going as planned, they aim to file an application with Health Canada by the fourth quarter of 2023. If they get the green light, this will set the stage for two big Phase I trials in 2024.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for the results of the dry runs and quality control steps, which are due by next spring. Once those are cleared, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) will get Health Canada’s approval and kick start their Phase I clinical trial in 2024. After that, this revolutionary ARM vaccine could be adapted to treat various kinds of cancer, offering new hope to countless patients.

The future looks promising, and Defence Therapeutics is at the forefront of these medical breakthroughs. In short, it’s a journey worth watching.

US Patent Granted to Defence for Wide-Ranging Accum® Vaccine Enhancer Tech

Recently, some exciting news came out. Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is about to start a Phase I clinical trial for AccuTOX™, focusing on skin cancer, also known as melanoma.11 

This step forward was made possible thanks to a collaboration with Biopeptek Pharmaceuticals. But it’s not just skin cancer; AccuTOX™ has shown promise against other types, like lymphoma and breast cancer.12 So, this treatment could be a game-changer in cancer care.

On October 17, Defence Therapeutics unveiled a new drug formula that successfully reduces tumor growth in lymphoma cases – AccuTOX™ mixed with chitosan, a substance known for its wound-healing properties. 

Their research aimed to see if AccuTOX™, wrapped in chitosan particles, could be safely used in the body and boost the effects of common cancer treatments. The outcome? When this combination was given to animals, their tumors began to shrink, and they lived longer.

According to CEO Sebastien Plouffe, the company used chitosan because it’s safer and cheaper than other methods. Chitosan can also help deliver drugs through the skin.13

The US government has given the thumbs-up to Defence Therapeutics’s (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) technology by granting them a patent.14 This patent is like a golden ticket, letting them use their technology to fight not only cancer but also infectious diseases. It means they can make almost any vaccine work better, faster, and maybe even cheaper.

With its flexible Accum® technology, Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) is in a great spot to make a big impact, giving hope to many patients around the world.

Attractive Capital Structure with Loyal Investors and Partners

Let’s talk numbers. Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) has 43,944,368 shares out there. But if we add in options, warrants, and finders warrants, the total comes to 48,924,268 shares. That’s the full picture.

image7 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

What’s extra appealing is the float—the shares that people can actually buy and sell—is only around 22-25%. Why? Because most of the shares are held by wealthy, smart individuals who believe in Defence Therapeutics and plan to stick around for the long run.

This setup shows that Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) has strong support from people who have the money and know-how to invest wisely. They’re in it for the long game, and that says a lot about the company’s promise and stability.

Additionally, Defence is backed and supported by several significant partnerships, as listed below.

image6 2 Groundbreaking ARM Vaccine Set to Redefine Cancer Therapies

Big Pharma on a Buying Spree: Biotech Takeovers Poised to Soar

2023 is gearing up to be a powerhouse year for biotech mergers and acquisitions (M&A), with a jaw-dropping $43 billion deal already inked by March. Following 2022’s impressive tally of around $96.1 billion, the sector is clearly booming.15

Big pharma companies are hungrily eyeing young biotechs, keen to tap into their innovative approaches, especially in cancer research and other hot areas. Despite the steep acquisition premiums – averaging 85% in 2022 – these larger entities are ready to pay big, betting on the promising developments and substantial market gains these startups bring to the table.

Here are some of the biggest M&A deals in 2023:

  • Biogen acquired Reata Pharmaceuticals on July 28, 2023 for $7.3B at a 59% premium16
  • Eli Lilly acquired Dice Therapeutics on June 20, 2023 for $2.4B at a 42% premium17
  • Novartis acquired Chinook Therapeutics on July 20, 2023 for $3.2B at a 67% premium18 
  • Sobi acquired CTI Biopharma on May 10, 2023 for $1.7B at a 89% premium19
  • GSK acquired Bellus Health on April 18, 2023 for $2.0B at a 103% premium20

The list goes on and on which makes Defence Therapeutics truly an exciting company to follow.

Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DCTFF) Leadership Team

Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) leadership team offers deep technical expertise and a proven track record of wealth creation. The DTC team includes:

Sébastien PlouffeCEO and Director

With 25 years in finance, Plouffe excels in capital markets and project growth. He’s been a VP Senior Investment Advisor at top Canadian firms like BMO and Canaccord, specializing in fundraising and capital management. His diverse expertise spans sectors like biotech and mining.
Dr. Moutih RafeiChief Scientific Officer and Director

An expert in immuno-oncology, Dr. Rafei focuses on cancer therapeutics, T-cell-based therapies and stem cell biology. He holds a PhD from McGill University and has pioneered treatments for severe illnesses. His impactful research has earned over 20 awards and includes numerous publications and patents.
Dr. Sarkis MeterissianDirector

Dr. Meterissian is a tenured Professor of Surgery and Oncology who directs the MUHC Breast Center. His research covers clinical and basic science in breast cancer. He’s collaborated on NSERC-funded projects and serves on various cancer research boards.
Dr. Raimar LöbenbergDirector and Chairman

Dr. Löbenberg holds degrees in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics and founded the Drug Development and Innovation Centre at the University of Alberta. His research focuses on drug delivery and lung disease treatments. He’s also served on various health advisory panels.
Joseph MeagherDirector, Chairman

Meagher is a CPA and Chartered Director, currently the CFO for multiple public companies. His experience ranges from staff accounting to management roles.

RECAP: 8 Reasons

to Add Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) To Your Watchlist


Innovative Patented Technology: Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) unique US-patented Accum® Technology platform offers superior intracellular drug delivery, enhancing treatment for a broad spectrum of cancers, even the most challenging ones. The potential to boost any product’s efficacy by a factor of 10-20X is groundbreaking.


Impressive Development and Progress: With two major programs harnessing Accum® Technology for cancer treatment and vaccine initiatives, Defence Therapeutics has made substantial advancements.


Burgeoning Traction and Product Pipeline: With its patented Accum® Technology at its core, Defence Therapeutics is advancing two programs that address both cancer treatment and vaccine development, each demonstrating substantial progress.


Solid IP Protection: Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) expansive global IP landscape comprises 7 unique patent families, covering pivotal domains like ADCs, Vaccines, RNA, DNA, MSCs, mRNA, Delivery, Mixing, Linking, Gene Editing, and CRISPR/Cas9. This paves the way for international licensing possibilities.


Stable Financial Footing: With 43 million shares in circulation, Defence Therapeutics boasts a commendable capital structure. A mere 22-25% makes up the trading float, with the bulk owned by affluent accredited investors, affirming their trust in the company’s long-term potential.


Industry Veterans at the Helm: Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) boasts a diverse leadership team, with skills spanning from pre-clinical research to business strategies and regulatory guidelines. Notable members include Dr. Moutih Rafei, a name synonymous with immuno-oncology, and Dr. Raimar Löbenberg, the founder of the University of Alberta’s Drug Development and Innovation Centre.


Spotlight from a National Stage: A collaboration with the popular show, Viewpoint, presented by Dennis Quaid, is propelling Defence Therapeutics (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) into the national limelight. Their biotech innovations will feature across 170+ U.S. stations starting September 18, 2023.


Promising Research Outcomes: Preclinical studies have yielded remarkable results. Defence Therapeutics reported a 100% remedy rate for established Lymphoma and an 80% triumph against Melanoma.

Wrapping up our deep dive into Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF), a company that is truly one-of-a-kind. With their game-changing Accum® Technology, they’re setting the bar high in the field of cancer treatment. This company is not just going after the easy cancers; they’re targeting the ones that need attention the most.

To stay in the loop on what this Company is up to, head over to Defence Therapeutics’ (CSE:DTC) (OTC:DTCFF) official website immediately. You’ll find all the latest updates and news. By keeping tabs on this groundbreaking company, you’ll be the first to know how they’re revolutionizing the way cancer is fought and enhancing the work of other pharmaceutical companies.


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