Hempshire Group Gains Access to Sell Mountain Smokes Across the European Union Following Regulatory Approval by Member-Nation Belgium

Capture Hempshire Group Gains Access to Sell Mountain Smokes Across the European Union Following Regulatory Approval by Member-Nation Belgium

California-based non-tobacco, non-nicotine smokable alternatives company The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) just achieved another significant milestone for its proprietary cannabidiol (CBD) hemp smokes that will give the company access to the entire European Union (EU).

On September 7, The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) announced that it has received regulatory approval to import and commercially sell its MOUNTAIN® Smokes brand products across the EU after the Federal Public Health Food Safety and Environment Service of Belgium, an EU member nation, found that the products conform with European Union Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) regulations.

The Belgian authorization permits Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) to pursue commercialization and sales across the EU, the largest “single market” in the world, as long as it complies with individual member nations’ specific “local” regulations, such as packaging in the local language and the inclusion of any locally-required warning labels. 

Hempshire Appoints Montagnaria Group AG as Exclusive European Master Distributor

The Hempshire Group (TSXV:HMPG) also announced that Montagnaria Group AG, a distributor based in Switzerland, has been named as its exclusive master distributor for Europe, including the 28 member states of the EU, as well as all non-EU European countries, and all countries in the Schengen Area.

Before the increased mandate, Montagnaria served as Hempshire’s (TSXV:HMPG) exclusive Swiss distributor. Through initial test orders done in 2021, Montagnaria was able to successfully place MOUNTAIN® Smokes in about 400 retail outlets and smoke shops across Switzerland. Montagnaria was also an important collaborator in helping Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) secure Belgian government approval to market MOUNTAIN® Smokes there, which opened the door to the entire EU.

“We are very pleased to be awarded the exclusive distributor rights to the MOUNTAIN® Smokes line of CBD Hemp Smokes across Europe and the EU, and we look forward to offering retailers and consumers beyond Switzerland a very attractive and compelling smokable alternative,”  said Montagnaria Founder and CEO, Patrick Glausser. “The feedback we have received over the last year of market testing has been very positive with regard to product quality, consumer and retailer interest, and a superior smoking experience.”

“Over the past year, Montagnaria has proven themselves to be an important strategic partner. They have worked with us to research and plan the most effective path to penetrating the US$261 billion tobacco products market in Europe and have helped navigate the evolving regulatory landscape for hemp products and smokable alternatives in Europe and the EU,” Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) President and CEO, Martin Marion said. “We are confident that Montagnaria will be instrumental in helping MOUNTAIN Smokes create significant brand awareness, on-shelf distribution, and sales demand in this high-volume market.”

To service retailer accounts, convenience stores, and smoke shops across Europe, Montagnaria will also set up European warehouse and fulfillment facilities. Montagnaria will also collaborate closely with Hempshire (TSXV:HMPG) to develop a European-wide sales and distribution plan.

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